Buharkent Geothermal Power Plant

Expanding Geothermal Energy Capabilities in the Aydin Province

After 5 production and 3 reinjection wells were drilled on the license area in Aydın Province Buharkent District Kızıldere neighbourhood, which was taken from MTA until 2041, our Buharkent Geothermal Power Plant, which we started to build in July 2017, started production in September 2018 with an installed power of 13.77MWe.In 2023, Buharkent’s gross production amounted to 118,428 MWh while net output amounted to 75,598 MWh. With the Ministry’s temporary admission in October 2023, a 1.30364MW auxiliary source was made for the construction of a solar power plant.

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