We aim to create value for our stakeholders through sustainable growth, operational efficiency and continuous development

The only way to make the world a better and more sustainable place is through collaborative effort. To support this shared belief, we have embraced an international approach to sustainability by signing the United Nations Global Impact initiative and adopted the “Sustainable Development Goals” as our road map, the common agenda of the entire world released in 2015 under the guidance of the United Nations.

The sectors in which we operate play critical roles in achieving global goals on sustainability

We strive to produce the energy we need in our business activities and also make it accessible to all, while we concurrently build the necessary infrastructure for a more sustainable planet. Within our tourism and transportation services we lay the foundations of social and cultural exchange. Through Limak Foundation, we aim to positively impact societies, by supporting projects on gender equality, education, innovation, and culture.

Our objectives and our model of governance are formed around these sustainability goals in order to meet today’s needs, a changing environment and a better future. We strongly believe that sustainable economic growth requires an inclusive approach, with high awareness of social and environmental issues. For this reason, in all our activities we are taking concrete steps for each of the 12 main sustainability goals.

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