One of Turkey’s leaders in hospitality

Limak Group of Companies owns and operates one of Turkey’s largest hotel chains and is expanding its hospitality operations internationally.

With over 25 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality sector, Limak Tourism employs more than 2,600 people and welcomes over 450,000 guests annually throughout its 9 hotels and resorts. The Group’s differentiator is sports tourism which is one of the most important segments of alternative tourism.

With its decades-long experience in construction, Limak Tourism provides high savings in investment and costs by establishing, constructing and operating the hotels entirely within its own structure. Furthermore, Limak Tourism works towards developing long-term collaborations with its suppliers and contractors, as well as creating employment in its operations areas, thus supporting the local economies. Limak Tourism procure 95% of their goods and services from the local suppliers located in their regions.

With regards to the sustainability goals, Limak Tourism’s priorities are occupational health and safety, customer satisfaction, occupational development, as well as having a positive impact on climate change through its service offering. While ensuring the adoption of environmental awareness not only by employees but also by guests and competent authorities, Limak Tourism cooperates with local governments to implement environmental protection projects. One of the most important goals is to reach the zero-waste target, which is considered impossible in the tourism sector.

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