Sustainability Policy

We continue our sustainability journey and we are committed to year on year improvement

Led by strong ethics, we operate according to best-practice principles of ESG. Our management, compliance, due-diligence and health and safety procedures are modern, progressive and professional. The organisation, good governance policies and clear processes allow us to take on challenging and ambitious projects in various industries.

Our activities are modelled on “inclusive development”, “social people” and “healthy planet” principles.
Under our “Inclusive Development” principle:

• We carry out all its activities in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), allocating resources to research-development activities.

• We enable the use and development of innovative technologies that contribute to sustainable development.

• We aim to develop a corporate culture that is aware of its impact on sustainability.

• We transfer our sustainability knowledge, experience and best practice to all our stakeholders and partners, by engaging in active initiatives on international platforms.

• We engage in activities that ensure sustainability in our supply chains.

• We constantly monitor and evaluate the economic, environmental and social impacts of our activities in order to minimise the adversities.

• We regularly publish sustainability reports in line with international standards.

• We have a transparent business approach that demonstrates strong business ethics and fights corruption at every level.

Under our “Social People” principle:

• We ensure and protect equal opportunities and social health in all areas and geographies in which we operate.

• We develop and implement practices that improve the field of Occupational Health and Safety of our employees and stakeholders.

• We develop social projects and collaborate with institutions to support the local communities, prioritising local employment.

• We increase the commitment and well-being of our employees and create conditions to make the working environment more efficient.

• We prevent any discrimination and provides equal rights to our employees and candidates.

• We advocate for gender equality and women empowerment, supporting women employment and qualified active participation of women employees, at all levels.

Under our “Healthy Planet” principle:

• We measure and report the environmental impact of all our activities and we take action to remedy or improve by setting sector-based targets.

• We enable the development of environmentally friendly products and services.

• We continuously monitor, evaluate and adapt changes to infrastructure in order to increase energy efficiency in all sectors.

• We strive to increase the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in energy consumption.

• We develop projects that ensure efficient use of water and raise awareness among all stakeholders and employees.

• We calculate, verify and monitor all our emissions in order to tackle climate change.

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