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Limak Cement Group which has operations in Turkey, Mozambique, Ivory Coast and Dubai continues to operate with 12 cement plants, 28 ready-mixed concrete plant and 1 block BIMS facility. Continuing to pursue balanced growth opportunities in all geographies, Limak Cement Group also supports this growth strategy with its product range. It ranks first in terms of total asset size in the Turkish cement sector and second in terms of capacity. 

In 2018, the Group ranked 111th in the biggest industrial organization ranking of İstanbul Industrial Chamber (ISO) and ranked 151st in Fortune Magazine’s net sales figure ranking and as a result of both evaluations it ranked first among the cement sector representatives. 

Limak Cement has the lowest electricity consumption among the integrated cement plants operating in Turkey according to data of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and in the first year of its operation in Ivory Coast, it was the only cement plant to be in the top 10 on behalf of the sector in the ranking of the most environment friendly companies, in which 52 companies participated.

Limak Mozambique Cement which is the first foreign investment of the Cement Group, operates with a cement production capacity of 700,000 tons/year and has become a brand under the name of “Limak Cimentos SA”. The current production line installed at the factory has been designed in a manner that could be increased to the capacity of 1,500,000 tons/year. The factory completed 2019 as one of the 3 largest producers of the country and increased its sales figures compared to the previous year with its registered success in product quality.

Limak Cement Group employs experienced investment and finance staff who combines the latest innovations of the global cement industry with the most effective project financing solutions in 9 renewal, capacity increase and 6 new investment projects in the last decade. It has 3 ready-mixed concrete R&D centers with international accreditation certificates, and continues projects in the field of product development in cooperation with universities.

The Group operates in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals published by the United Nations and it realized projects for the first time in the Turkish cement sector with the energy efficiency and clean technology funds of the World Bank and the European Investment Bank and again, in the Turkish cement sector, it is the first to introduce rotary kilns with calciner having low NOx emission.

Limak Cement Group is the first integrated cement plant to receive GOLD Certificate and has been certified as the first integrated cement factory with ISO 45001 certificate in Turkey.

Depending on the market shrinkage in Turkey, cement production of Limak Cement Group in 2019 is 25 % less than the previous year, while clinker production decreased by 17%.  Approximately 4% of the cement produced during this period was exported. Again, in 2019, domestic sales of cement decreased by 27%, while exports of cement increased by 34% and exports of clinker increased by 120% compared to the previous year. On the other hand, activities in the field of ready mixed concrete continued mainly in 2019 with the franchising model. By the end of 2019, ready-mixed concrete sales volume reached to 1.9 million cubic meters in total.

Among the 2020 targets of Limak Cement Group, which works with the principle of being one of the top 3 players of the sector in the markets it operates, increasing its foreign trade volume to 1.2 million tons and ensuring the continuity of efforts to comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in order to contribute to the realization of “Better World Vision” while carrying out its economic activities and continuing to work with a sustainability perspective are the priorities.