Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant

The First Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in Turkey

Operating at full capacity since 2017, the Hamitabat Electricity Generation and Trade Corp (HEAŞ) is a unique power plant under Limak Energy. With its unique infrastructure build, the renovation of the original Hamitabat plant has resulted in the power plant consuming less natural gas, producing less noise emission, and less water consumption. In addition, by establishing a zero-waste management system in accordance with the Zero Waste Project as initiated by Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, HEAŞ attained the Zero Waste Certificate. As the first natural gas combined cycle power plant in Turkey, HEAŞ continues to operate as a symbol of Turkey’s growing role within sustainable energy production.

HEAŞ, with its 1,156 MW installed power, contributed to the energy supply after the completion of the renovation project in 2017. SWith its strategic location, the assurance of energy supply in the Marmara Region, high reliability, and availability, increased HEAŞ’ installed capacity to 1,220 MW in 2018. In 2023, the net generation amount was realized as 5.736 billion kWh.

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