Limak Trakya Cement

Beyond the Scope of Manufacturing: Limak Trakya Cement

Limak Trakya Cement factory produces 6 different types of products: • CEM I 42,5 R • CEM I 42,5 R- SR5 • CEM I 52,5 R • CEM II/B-LL 32,5 R • CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R • CEM IV/A (P) 42,5 N-SR • Norm Sand (TS EN 196-1).

Limak Trakya Cement has been a key player within the infrastructure sector. In 2019, the plant was responsible for the cement supply of New Istanbul Airport, Northern Marmara Motorway, and Çanakkale Motorway, contributing to Turkey’s role as a global leader in reliable and sustainable production.

The plant has GOLD Integrated Management System certificate and is the only producer of norm sand in Turkey.

Like all cement plants of Limak, the Trakya plant also acts with the awareness that quality in cement production is possible with respect to people and the environment, starting from the quality of the raw material and making customer-oriented production at the highest levels of the relevant product standards in all its products. Developing new products that can meet the needs of the construction industry through R&D activities, producing solutions for customers’ technical problems in cooperation with the Marmara Region Ready-Mixed Concrete laboratory, which has the 17025 Turkak accreditation certificate, and providing technical support to customers are among the priorities.

In 2022, Trakya Cement Factory started to use shredder equipment to increase the efficiency of using End-of-Life Tire waste to make alternative fuel more efficient. At the same time, it is aimed to improve the environmental quality in terms of preserving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gases by increasing the amount of waste feed instead of using fossil fuel by installing and commissioning a high-calorie liquid fuel waste feed system.

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