Limak Balikesir Cement

Limak Balikesir Cement: A Pioneer Within Environmental Governance

Limak Balikesir Cement factory produces 4 different types of products: • CEM I 42,5 R • CEM II/A-M(V-LL) 42,5 R - CEM PLUS 42,5 + • CEM IV/A (P) 42,5 N - SR • CEM II B-M (P-LL) 32,5 N

Balıkesir Cement Plant, which has a high export potential due to its proximity to the Marmara and Aegean Seas, will continue to contribute to the country’s economy by continuing its clinker export with low Cr+6 content in the coming periods.

In 2023, training was given at the plant on OHS, environment, vocational and technical issues. In addition, emergency exercises were carried out in order to be prepared and trained for unexpected situations within the framework of OHS. In order to encourage occupational health and safety practices and raise awareness, the staffs exhibiting exemplary behaviour were rewarded throughout the year.

In 2023, the LIMBES program was used effectively in order to maintain occupational health and safety and document management practices on the online platform.

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