Limak Kilis Cement

Limak Kilis Cement: Limak’s Biggest Cement Exporter

Limak Kilis Cement factory produces 4 different types of products: CEM I 52,5 N, CEM II/A-M (V-LL) 52,5 N - CEM PLUS 52,5 +, CEM II/B-M (V-LL) 42,5 R, CEM II/B-LL 32,5 R.

In order to prevent dust emissions resulting from raw materials and production processes in the plant, all material transfer lines are designed as closed galleries and dust exit to the environment is prevented by using bag filters on the line. Moreover, a closed clinker stock inventory hall with a capacity of 100,000 tons has been built and operations are carried out in the outdoor area without clinker stockpiling.

The plant, performing environmental-friendly manufacturing with low greenhouse gas emission, has a substantial advantage in terms of cost optimization with low energy consumption. Within the scope of the energy saving projects and the best available techniques after the commissioning of the plant, the specific electrical energy consumption was reduced with the claim of being the best.

Limak Kilis Cement has the distinction of being the largest investment established economically in Kilis. In 2023, it reached a significant market share and brand value both in exports and in the domestic market.

Within the scope of “Responsible Consumption and Production” (SDG-12), one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, product studies in which environmentally friendly alternative additives can be used are carried out with the support of a 17025 TURKAK accredited readymixed concrete laboratory.

With the aim of environmentally friendly production, the wastes of iron and steel factories, as well as fly and bottom ash from thermal power plants, continue to be used as alternative raw materials instead of natural resources.

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