Limak Cimentos Sa (Mozambique Grinding And Packing Factory)

Limak Cimentos Sa (Mozambique): An Entry Gate for Greater East African Trade and Investment

Limak Cimentos Sa is Limak Cement’s first foreign investment. The factory produces 2 different types of products: CEM II/A-V 42,5 N and CEM IV/B (V) 32,5 N.

Established in the port area of Matola in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, the factory began its sales operations in 2016. In compliance with norms established by the World Bank, Limak Cimentos Sa continues to excel in all areas of production and wider social and environmental responsibility.

In 2018, Limak Cimentos Sa attained Mozambique’s first local product certificate entitled ‘Made in Mozambique’. The certificate is one of the most prestigious quality indicators issued within Mozambique. Among its other achievements, Limak Cimentos Sa was also awarded the Best Industrial Investment Award in Mozambique between the years of 2014-2017.

The plant contributes to the increase of trade between Mozambique and Turkey with its strategic location close to the ports area and to the development of the construction industry of the region with its fully equipped cement R&D laboratory.

As an extension of commercial activities, he took part in the Management of the Mozambique Chamber of Industry since 2020.

As an extension of commercial activities, he has participated in the Management of the Mozambique Chamber of Industry since 2020.

Limak Cimentos S.A. has become a factory that can produce its energy with the Natural Gas Energy Generation Facility it commissioned in June 2022 and has provided 4.8 MW of installed power support to the energy production capacity of its country. Operation security was ensured with this critical investment, especially when Sub-Saharan African Countries faced severe energy crises.

While Limak Cimentos SA exhibits a trend that increases its brand value day by day, it also increased its market share in 2023 in parallel with this. Thus, it maintained its position as the second-largest player in
the domestic market with its success in product and service quality.

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