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Limak Group of Companies envisions that everyone can achieve a better and more accessible life through digital transformation. As part of Limak Technology, the Customer Solutions division focuses on providing end-users with digital services that solve daily issues. 

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Limak Customer Solutions Inc. was established in 2019 as a financial technology (fintech) company with the vision of making the opportunities offered by the digital transformation in the world accessible to everyone from 7 to 70 and making life easier. Limak Customer Solutions introduced OlduBil, an innovative platform company that offers fast and easy digital solutions to its customers with its mobile application, e-wallet, MasterCard licensed prepaid card, and unique and rewarding privileges, to the market in November 2020.

The two most important values that OlduBil offers to its users, convenience and profit, constitute the main philosophy of the company. OlduBil, as emphasized by its name, is advancing with the vision of an expert that provides speed, convenience and comfort in all needs of individuals. OlduBil is positioned as a company specialized in marketing and data analytics, offering competitive advantages for its business partners, growing in cooperation with companies that are experts in their fields, ensuring that innovative services are delivered to the masses in the changing world.

As a superapp, OlduBil allows its users to have a Mastercard licensed virtual card instantly and free of charge via its mobile application in less than a minute, even if they do not have a bank account. OlduBil users can benefit from many advantages such as making contactless payments with their virtual and physical cards, valid in all workplaces and on the Internet, 24/7 money transfer only with their mobile number, paying corporate bills and even in installments, safe and profitable shopping. Users benefit from privileges such as discounts on purchases made at contracted brands and earning money back without any upper limit. OlduBil offers unlimited cashback on nearly 40 well-known brands, from e-commerce to clothing, from markets to technology. In addition, OlduBil offers its users free of charge, OlduBil Gastro, a program that includes numerous privileges from discounts to takeaway advantages, from dry cleaning to grocery shopping at hundreds of restaurants, restaurants and cafes. In addition to all these advantages, many services such as fast micro-credit in bill installments, insurance products, and a market place for technological products are brought together on the same platform and the main philosophy of convenience and profit is offered to users.

With OlduBil, which does not charge an annual account maintenance fee, all control of the money in the account is left to the user, users who wish can request a contactless physical card with a name, through the mobile application or from contracted points. OlduBil is also preferred by parents who want to give pocket money to their children thanks to its contactless and reliable payment system.

In addition to these services, OlduBil creates high added value with the advantages provided to employees and members in the companies it cooperates with. Positively contributing to employee engagement encourages companies and employees to access unique benefits and earn more. Scholarship payments, food aid, and payments made on behalf of trade unions and associations can be made through the OlduBil card in a digital system.

OlduBil, which increased the number of users by five times and the amount of expenditure made by its users by 10 times in 2022, has risen to an important position within the sectoral companies within two years after entering the market. In 2022, OlduBil enabled users to save approximately 5 million TL with refunds and discounts from basic expenditure transactions. OlduBil, which continues its growth-oriented activities in 2023, works in financial technologies by increasing its investments in producing the most suitable solutions for its customers and business partners.

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