Inspiring young girls across the globe to pursue careers in STEM

Women are in minority in the field of engineering globally at both academic and professional levels more than in any other professions. With the aim to support the wider presentation of women in the field of engineering professionally, Engineer Girls of Turkey (EGT) led by Limak Foundation was launched in 2015, in partnership with the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Services, Turkish Ministry of Education

Designed with a holistic approach, the EGT Project consists of two programmes, one specific to high school, second specific to university students. The Project also has a third programme, namely the UNDP’s Gender Equality Seal Certification Programme which aims to develop, adopt and implement a gender-sensitive approach at the corporate level.

The University Programme involves support for female students of engineering, enrolled at computer, environmental, electrical-electronic, industrial, civil, chemical and mechanical engineering departments in Turkish universities. While the supports provided by the university programme range from scholarship to mentoring (by volunteer female professionals of engineering), from online training programmes designed to promote professional and soft skills of the 21st century to online English training, internship and employment opportunities at Limak’s companies and different companies. The programme also requires fellows to design and/or attend volunteering activities as a compulsory component of the programme. Since the first years of the EGT University Programme, 710 female engineering students have benefited from these opportunities in 7 years.

While the University Programme mainly focuses on undergraduate studies, the High School Programme is designed to raise awareness with regards to engineering as a professional career and on existing gender-based stereotypes in the society. The high school programme is designed with “awareness-raising”, “training” and “training of trainers” activities and are being carried out to three main target groups: students, instructors, and parents. Programme activities include interactive and innovative methods to raise awareness on engineering that range from role model-meetings to board game specifically designed for the project and virtual reality applications. Through these activities, the high school programme aims to inform, encourage and raise awareness high school students, instructors and parents on different career options.

The third programme of the Project, the Gender Equality Seal Certification Programme for public and private enterprises is supported by the United Nations Development Programme. The Seal Programme targets to close the gender gap in the work-life and encourage private sector companies to implement equal standards under the gender equality perspective. Being the first company in Turkey to follow and adopt the programme, the work in progress continues at Limak Investment.

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