Limkon Fruit Juice Concentrate Facilities

Limkon Fruit Juice Concentrate Facilities was built in Adana Hacı Ömer Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone on a total area of 40 thousand square meters, 13 thousand square meters of which is an indoor area, and its official opening ceremony was made on May 14, 2008.
Limkon carried out the groundbreaking ceremony of the second facility it planned in November 2022. The new facility, which will be completed and commissioned in the second quarter of 2023 with a total investment of 200 million TL, will provide 5 thousand new farmers, primarily women, with contracted employment opportunities in the region. In addition, the arable area in tomato production will increase to 7 thousand decares. Tomato paste is also produced at the facilities, in addition to fruit juice concentrate and fruit pulp. Limkon’s product portfolio also includes conventional juice concentrates, organic juice concentrates, non-concentrated (NFC) juices, freshly squeezed juices, and fruit-flavored drinks.

Just like every year, Limkon has been ranked as first in the processing of citrus fruits in Türkiye in 2022 as well. In addition, it has continued to process many other fruits, primarily pomegranate, apple, and cherry varieties. It increases its organic concentrate production every year, especially to meet the demand abroad, and continues its efforts to grow in the organic product market with international organic certificates in 2022. The product range is expanded with an organic fruit assortment, and the sales figures are boosted in addition to increased organic production quantities. Apple, cherry, pomegranate, black carrot juice concentrates, and pulps are among these products. In addition, natural fruit aromas and oils obtained at the factory are among the trends in increasing sales. In the factory, all of the raw materials used are evaluated, and besides product production, shells, and pulp are also used as inputs in different sectors.

In 2022, Limkon continued its plastic use reduction efforts. With the Solar Power Plant project commissioned at the end of 2022, it reduced the amount of carbon emissions by using renewable energy. In this way, it will contribute to sustainability studies with 35% energy saving.

Concentrated product exports to 32 countries were realized with a 50% share in the total sales, and new domestic and foreign companies were added to the customer portfolio. Limkon, in 2022, continued to increase its target of expanding the product variety and export amount in Far East exports. The company continues to sell fresh orange juice, NFC (not-from-concentrate) fruit juices, and fruit beverage products under the registered trademark “Pomona.” It expands its product range in the iced tea and different fruit / flavored beverages group with new R&D works every year.

With the partnership of ADM Wild, a line investment of 5 million Euros was made in the factory at the first stage. According to the partnership agreement made with the ADM Wild Food Company, a world leader in fruit juice, flavor, and compound products, the import of compound products is continued within the Limkon organization. In addition to reducing the imports of these products and contributing to reducing the current account deficit, a new market was created for the concentrated products produced. By combining the experience and success of ADM Wild on compound products with the Pomına brand that Limkon created introduces a unique mixture of fruit beverages to the Turkish market.

Within the scope of the social responsibility project “LimkonYouthZone,” Limkon continued to receive internship applications and to share information about fruit juice concentrate production in 2022 on the website , and offered internship opportunities to more than 30 students in 2022, as it does yearly.

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