İstanbul Cumhuriyet Drinking Water Treatment Plant

İstanbul Cumhuriyet Drinking Water Treatment Facility Construction project, which is the fifth contract package within the scope of Grand İstanbul Drinking Water Phase II Project, one of the biggest investments of Turkey in both financial and physical aspects, includes treatment and purification of untreated water taken from Büyük Melen River, approximately 170 km to the east of the Bosphorus, at the facilities established on an area of 400 decares that is 30 km to the northeast of the city and its transfer to the European side of the city and its supply into the municipal water system.

İstanbul Cumhuriyet Drinking Water Treatment Facility, one of most sizeable projects in the world with a total daily capacity of 3.120.000 m3 per day, was designed as a four-stage project within the scope of Melen River project and the first stage of the project with a capacity of 720.000 m3/day was undertaken by an international joint venture group led by Limak. The works to put the facility into operation are continuing.

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