Ras Al Khair-Hafar Al Batin Water Supply Line, Saudi Arabia

By the Project, water taken from Ras Al Khair Sea Water Treatment Plant will be carried to the residential areas along the Kuwaiti border and water requirements of the Cities of Hafar Al Batin and Nuariyah and surrounding residential areas in the long term will be met. The Project comprises construction of 44 inch 352 km long steel pipeline, pumping station with a daily capacity of 160.000 m³ and various quantities of steel storage tanks with variable sizes.

The scope of the Project includes pipeline construction and mechanical installation works, pumping station construction, mechanical and electro mechanical works, various storage structures construction and
installation, entire system tests and facility start up.

The Project, which continues under the commitment of the Joint Venture of Limak and Mapa, is scheduled for completion in 2014.
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