Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline Lot C

Section of the Baku –Tiflis – Ceyhan Pipeline Project comprises the portion from the Altınyayla district of Sivas to Adana, Ceyhan. The Punj Lloyd – Limak Joint Venture was the first to complete the construction and be in a position to transfer oil in the portion of Turkey.

The contract was signed in 2002. In July 2005, all field activities, including the draining processes, were completed. A total of 332 km of pipeline, consisting of 125 km of pipes with a diameter of 34 inches and 207 km with a diameter of 42 inches, was laid and 13 valve stations were constructed along this pipeline, within the scope of the project. The Project received the Mechanical Acceptance Certificate on 6 September 2005.

It is evident that this project which aims to transport Azeri oil to Mediterranean ports and then world markets via Georgia and Turkey will contribute significantly to Turkey’s strategic, political and socio-economic position.

The project was implemented following the highest standards with regard to work safety, environmental matters and social aspects.

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