Kilis Alcohol Distillation Plant Modernization

On 10 August 2000, Kilis Alcohol Factory Distillation Modernization Project was transferred to Limsan Construction upon the resolution of the General Directorate of Tobacco, Tobacco Products, Salt and Alcohol. The factory started its trial production on 31 December 2003 and Provisions Acceptance was provided on 1 October 2004.

Kilis Alcohol Distillation Plant has the capacity to process 15,000 tons of wet (fresh) grapes and 15.000 tons of dried grapes. The daily production figure is 16.000 liters of suma.

After the full automation, the new factory reached a production figure of 1 liter of suma obtained from 3,0 kg of dried grapes compared to the old factory methods that produced 1 liter of suma from 5–5,5 kg of dried grapes.

Kilis Alcohol Distillation Plant become an environment-friendly factory after such improvements as the realization of 50% reduction in the vapor and energy used in production, the utilization of biogas obtained through treatment facilities as a fuel source and the use of LPG in the heating center.

There are 120 people, primarily residing in the vicinity, employed at the factory, which is presently the largest industrial facility in Kilis. The factory adds value to the grapes, which is the most important source of income around the region.
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