LimakPort İskenderun

LimakPort İskenderun Modernization and Capacity Enhancement Project

Limak Construction embarked upon its modernization and capacity enhancement project following its acquisition of TCDD İskenderun Port on December 30, 2011. Upon completion of the Project, the Port will be a modern container terminal having capacity of 1,3 million TEU. Accordingly, dock structures, sites, port gates and storage premises are re-built at present as works are under way to deepen the docks; all the infrastructure and superstructure are rendered compatible with container handling.

The Project, which was commenced in January 2012, is now 90 percent complete. The port has been deepened so that the large tonnage ships could moor at the port; sea bottom dredging works amounting to 2.485.000 m² have been carried out. Docks 3 and 4 having a length of 552 m have been completed as part of the overall dock constructions which will eventually have a total length of 920 m and started serving the container ships at a depth of 15,5 m. Construction of docks 1 and 2 with a length of 370 m and sea bottom dredging at a depth of 15,5 m are scheduled for completion by the end of the first half of 2014.

As part of dock construction so far, manufacturing and piling have been completed of 878 steel pipe piles with a length of 29 m and a diameter of Ø 40”, 196 piles with a length of 40 m and a diameter of Ø 48” and 306 steel piles with a length of 60 m and a diameter of Ø 48”.

As part of the back yard construction exposed to heavy loads, manufacturing of the following items has been completed: coating concrete of 271.000 m², storm water line of 5.805 m, fire line of 5.860 m, electrical piping line of 8.410 m, electrical line of 147.250 m, RTG crane traveling path of 9.590 m, rainwater drainage channel of 4.417 m, storm water drainage canal of 2.800 m, waste water line of 1.685 m, grounding line of 9.590 m, intra port new railway track construction of 970 m, outer port peripheral wall of 3.387 m, 20 pieces of 40 m and 17 pieces of 35 m long lighting poles installation, 185 Ø 120 cm diameter fore piles manufacturing, 2 x Ø 1.200 mm diameter (788 m) reinforced concrete pipe and storm water line manufacturing.

As part of the terminal structures, construction and manufacturing have been completed of the following items: waste removal plant of 1.200 m³, warehouse CFS1 having a size of 3.800 m² where containers are to be handled, 3,5 floor administrative building with space of 3.850 m², IT building, 1.500 m³ water tank, transformer building TM-01, transformer building MOD-5B, prefabricated storage building with space of 8.500 m², 1.000 m² refrigerated storage depot, maintenance and repair building with space of 2.850 m², 735 m² customs building, 390 m² TIR inspection station, 110 m² naval police building and 90 m² doghouse building; and this manufacturing used a total of 223.000 m³ of concrete and 9.450 tons of construction bars.

For container handling, 3 mobile cranes and 4 STS and 14 RTG cranes have been put into service.

Upon completion of the Project, LimakPort İskenderun will be one of the biggest container ports in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
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