Erdemir-Zonguldak Inter-Port Train Ferry

The aim of Train Ferry Project covers loading and unloading of wagons to vessels with the approach structures and railway connections that will be constructed in Erdemir and Zonguldak TTK ports. The project includes the 5.500 m3 dredging work in the Erdemir Port for enabling the draft depth of a 98 m long and 21 m wide vessel.

The contract started on 4 March 2004 and was completed on 20 November 2004.

Included in the Train Ferry Project are the construction of a reinforced concrete ramp support (20x10 m) over piles (32 in) as the support point of the bridge to be used for the vessel-land connection, the manufacture of 2 connection bridges between dolphins with steel construction (20 m), the construction of 2 reinforced concrete locking structures (11.7x14.7 m) and supported over 17 piles (32 in), the manufacture of 16 dolphins (12x12 m) and supported over piles (32 in), all nailed into the sea and assembly of caoutchouc fenders for lowering the crash force of the vessel during docking.

With the Train Ferry Project, Erdemir is connected to the national railway network.

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