Çandarlı Port Breakwater Construction

Under Çandarlı Port Breakwater Construction Project carried out by the Joint Venture Group of Limak and Kolin, a breakwater with a total length of 1.800 m, of which 800 m involve stone fill and 1.000 m, steel pipe piling, and a dock with a total length of 2.000 m and a depth of 18 m are under construction.

For the piled breakwater construction, a total of 91.000 and 348 m of pipe with a diameter of 70 inches (1.778 mm) have been produced and thus, it was possible to carry out operations for driving down 1.034 steel pipe piles. 7,1 million tons of stone have been used for the completed sea bottom mat.

At the back of the dock, a container stowing site with space of 800.000 m² and a logistics area with space of 800.000 m² will be developed by fill. Container loading and unloading facilities, management buildings, treatment plant and similar superstructure facilities will be built. The docks at the port will be capable of serving six containers with a length of 300 m at the same time.

Upon completion of this giant investment, Çandarlı Port will rank among the 10 biggest ports in the world.
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