Piraziz-Espiye-Çarşıbaşı (including Giresun City Passage) Highway

The project, which was undertaken by the Limak-Gürsan Joint Venture, covers the construction of the 16 km-long Piraziz-Espiye-Çarşıbaşı (including the Giresun passage) with 3x2 lanes for the city roads and 2x2 lanes for the inter-state. Within the scope of the project there are 9 bridges and 3-bridged junctions, 2,668,940-m3 earthwork, 8,000,000 tones of excavation work, 240,000 tons of hot bituminous mixture and 75,000 m3 concrete structures. By the end of 2009 the excavation and filling works, bituminous hot mixture, substructure and ground support works of the project were completed and the project was finished on October 19, 2010.
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