Kahramanmaraş-Göksun 6th Region Border Road Section I

The project that is 46.68 kilometers long in total also includes the construction of 3 double-tube tunnels of total 3 thousand 879 meters in length and 3 viaducts of total 760 meters in length.

The construction works have been started on the road, in the divided road standard, on May 27, 2013. The “Road Standard” for the section of the project between 13+900 Km and 26+500 Km has been modified as A1 by the Administration and survey has not been made. Therefore, the construction of this section of the project has been postponed.

An uninterrupted, safe and high standard transportation network has been established through Kahramanmaraş, extending to the Central Black Sea coast and reaching the Mediterranean ports, Syrian border gates and the Middle East countries from the Central Anatolian Region.

The project has been completed in 2018.
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