Hub-Uthal ICB-1 (N-25) Highway, Pakistan


The Hub-Uthal ICB 1 Highway project, which was undertaken by Limak-ZKB joint venture, involves the construction of a highway on the main arterial road that is planned to be constructed from North-East Pakistan to Quetta with a length of 84.5 km. The project, which was funded by the Asian Development Bank, was tendered on 29 December 2006 and planned to be completed on 26 January 2010.

The road is 11.30 meter platform width with 2x3.65 meter transportation road and 2x2 meter banquette. The superstructure of the road is coated with hot bituminous mixture.

A total amount of 2.200.691 m3 of earth movement took place, 1.630.538 m3 of which was borrow excavation, 489.150 m3 was poor bearing soil excavation, 73.293 m3 was headwall excavation and 7.710 m3 was neck construction. For the superstructure, 37.276 m3 all-in sub base material and for the aggregate groundwork, 218.603 m3 material, obtained from stone-crusher, were used. As for the bituminous hot mixtures, 47,803-m3 bituminous treated base and 30.480 m3 wearing was used. For the banquettes, 249,.766 m3 surface treatment was made. The total amount of concrete used for the project was 43.756 m3. Additionally, on 13 bridges, 6.201 piles and 168 m3 of girders in varied spacing were produced.

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