Düzce-Akçakoca-Karadeniz Ereğli Road

The Düzce-Akçakoca-Karadeniz Ereğli Highway project involves the construction of a 72 km-long, 2x2 divided highway and includes bridges, leveling, engineering, and infra and super structure works.

There are many touristic towns along the route&adrc; of this project, which is of particular economic significance for our country, as it will not only provide access to these areas of interest for tourism, but also connect the Ereğli Iron and Steel factory, one of the main stones in the foundation of the Turkish economy, with a number of factories and shipyards.

Additionally, the motorway connection towards the west, to the province of Zonguldak, an important mine and port city of our country, is provided over this route.

The motorway also provides access to the historic town of Konuralp and to the district of Akçakoca, also adding to the wealth of offerings available in Turkish tourism with its unmatched nature and sun.

Upon completion of the project, traffic problems in the regions noted will be alleviated and significant contributions to the Turkish economy will have been provided.

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