Cairo International Airport Terminal Building No.2, Renovation and Expansion, Egypt


The renovation and capacity increase of Cairo International Airport project has been undertaken by the contract that has been signed with Cairo Airport Company in 2011. The site delivery has been made on January 30, 2012 and the provisional acceptance has been made on July 12, 2016. The following works have been performed within the scope of the project;

• Construction of 370 thousand square meters of apron, taxiways and connection roads,
• Construction of 230 thousand square meters indoor area, including the new terminal building as integrated with the available Terminal Building no. 3, the hotel building and a new pier block.
• Construction of the relevant facilities both within the air space and the land space, such as infrastructure and power center, fuel hydrant system,
• Supply and installation of state of the art technology special airport systems such as 28 mobile passenger bridges, luggage handling system, private security and ICT systems.

Cairo International Airport Terminal Building No. 2 has been designed as capable of serving large body aircraft such as Airbus A380 Super Jumbo and Boeing 747, and the airport capacity has been increased so as to be capable of serving 25 million passengers annually.

The project, in addition to being a technology and prestige project in the Turkey-Egypt collaboration, is also of high significance due to being the first project in the field of transportation that is realized at international scale and funded by a World Bank loan, following the revolution in Egypt.

Limak Construction will provide the facility management, maintenance and repair services for a total period of two years, as one year being optional.

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