Limak has entered the tourism sector in 1995 with Limak Arcadia. Acting on the principle of being a pioneer and leader in every sector of operation, it has continued the investments and Limak Limra has been taken into service at Antalya Kemer in 1998, and Limak Atlantis at Antalya Belek in 2002.

In 2000, the Limak International Hotels & Resort brand has been created and the “Warm Hospitality & Excellent Service” slogan has been registered as the brand commitment. In 2006, Limak Ambassadore has been the first step into urban hotel management, while Limak Lara has been presented to the country tourism at Antalya Lara in the same year. In 2010, the first thermal boutique hotel of Turkey, Limak Yalova Thermal has been taken into service. Limak Eurasia Hotel, the newest link in the Tourism Group, has started to serve at Istanbul Kavacık in 2011.

As of today, the Group has a capacity of 5,000 beds. Services are offered throughout the year at the facilities and occupancy ratios over 80 percent are maintained consistently. Limak Tourism Group hosts guests from almost 40 different countries around the world, in addition to its domestic guests.

Limak Tourism Group is currently continuing its investments with the Limak Babylon, being constructed in the Bafra region of Cyprus. While alternative tourism varieties such as congress, golf, wellness and sports tourism have been added to the traditional sea, sand, sun tourism; operations are continued over a broad range, from urban hotels to resorts, from wellness to airport hotel operations.

The Limak Tourism Group, advancing with the goal of evolving into an international chain, continues its activities for hotel investments in different geographies. As different from the other hotel chains, the group establishes, constructs and manages its hotels within its own organization from “a to z”, and achieves significant savings in the investment and cost areas by its experience from construction.

The system built in the supply chain allows the ability to use scale economy effectively. By training the staff of its new hotels directly, the Group ensures high standards in service quality and constantly develops its human resources.

Since diversity is one of the important factors in the development of tourism, services aimed for the sector are continually improved in order to benefit from the opportunities offered by sports tourism.

Limak Tourism Group, crowning its successes with awards received every year, continues to take firm steps that will bring it closer to its goal to become an international hotel chain, with a sustainable growth principle.