Limak Cement has first entered the sector in 2000 with the acquisition of the Siirt Kurtalan Cement Factory, and the Ergani and Gaziantep cement factories have been acquired in 2006 and the Şanlıurfa Cement Factory in 2007. Subsequently, in 2008 Bitlis and in 2009 Mardin-Derik Grinding-Packing Facilities have been built and taken into operation as completely new investments.

The field of activity has been expanded even further through the acquisition of four cement factories in Ankara, Balıkesir, Trakya and Ambarlı and 12 ready mixed concrete plants in 2011 and the Ege Cement Grinding-Packing Facility located in Manisa / Turgutlu in 2013.

Currently, cement production is carried out at 10 different locations in total, as 7 integrated cement factories and 3 grinding-packing facilities. While Limak Cement is among the largest top three cement producers of Turkey, it has taken the second rank following the capacity increase, modernization and energy efficiency investments. Today, it holds a market share of almost 13% domestically, by its 7.8 million ton clinker and 13 million ton cement production capacity. In addition, it has a plant network composed of 24 ready mixed concrete plants in total, including 18 facilities that are operated with the franchising and leasing method.

Capacity increases and new investments are continued as Limak Cement, within the scope of strategic plans and risk assessments. In line with this objective, opportunities to acquire new factories both domestically and abroad and areas for new investments in the sector are investigated and evaluated.

The Group, within the scope of the objective to open new facilities in Turkey and expand to the international markets, has signed an EPC contract in 2015 for the New Limak Ankara Integrated Cement Factory in Ankara Temelli with a production capacity of 1.8 million ton cement, and the project design studies are continued. In the meantime, all necessary permit processes have been completed and the equipment procurement process has been started for the New Limak Kilis Integrated Cement Factory of 2.3 million ton cement production capacity in Kilis. On the other hand, feasibility studies are continued to establish a new integrated cement factory in the Aegean Region.

Limak Cement has also started investments for the production of alternative construction materials within the scope of its studies aimed to increase product diversity, and has taken a BIMS production facility into operation in Kilis.

Limak Cement, which has started investments in Africa in order to step into the global markets, has brought Limak Cement Maputo - its grinding and packing facility in Mozambique - to a state ready for production in 2016, and plans to complete the Limak Cement Abidjan facility in the Ivory Coast in 2017.

Coordinated R&D, quality and innovation activities are continued in all group factories in order to serve with a product diversity and reliability that is in compliance with customer requirements and expectations.