Limak Construction, founded in 1976, has specialized in all types of infrastructure and superstructure projects, including airports, ports, motorways, dams, hydroelectric power plants, treatment plants, factories, industrial facilities, food facilities, pipelines, multiple-purpose complex structures, hotel constructions; and is included in the (ENR) Engineering News-Record top 250 international construction companies list today, together with the leading construction companies in the world. The company, merging its technical abilities and experience acquired over the years with quality, speed, advanced technology, creativity and a corporate responsibility understanding, has successfully completed many major projects of strategic importance, some in the EPC model, prior to the foreseen completion dates.

Limak Construction has realized important international airport projects in the aviation sector so far. The company has completed the first phase construction of İstanbul Airport, one of the largest infrastructure investments of Turkey and the world, the contract of which it was awarded with its partners in 2014, on October 29, 2018. Istanbul Airport will be included among the largest airports of the world by its passenger capacity of 200 million when all phases are completed, and is being constructed at international norms and a modern and environmentalist understanding, together with an airport city. İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport new terminal building and extensions, which have been designed over a total indoor area of 500 thousand square meters with an environment friendly understanding and received numerous awards including being elected as one of the safest buildings of the world, have been constructed with values way above international norms and within a record period of 18 months, including the design- construction process. Meanwhile, in 2013, it has completed the construction of the Pristine Adem Jashari International Airport of 5 million passengers’ capacity, which is the most technological, most modern, environment friendly airport of the Balkans today. The Cairo International Airport Terminal 2 Project in Egypt, financed by the World Bank, has been completed in 2016.

The contract for the Kuwait International Airport Terminal II Project, which is the highest priced contract that has been awarded to a Turkish contracting company so far and is one of the most prestigious projects in the world and is of high significance for Kuwait, has been signed in 2016 and construction is continued. Furthermore, Limak has completed the construction of the International Blaise- Diagne Airport construction project at the capitol of Senegal - Dakar, which it had undertaken with its partner in 2016, and has taken the airport into operation together with its partners including the Senegal state in June 2017. The Kuwait Communicable Diseases Hospital Project, one of the projects continued in Kuwait in 2017, is planned to be completed at the end of 2019. The tender for the infrastructure works in South Abdullah Al Mubarak site, also in Kuwait, has been awarded and the contract has been executed in 2018.

From our projects abroad, the construction of Ukraine Dnipro Subway Project has been continued. The Gali-Zakho Tunnel that will make transportation between Iraq and Turkey safer and comfortable has been handed over in 2018. The construction of the multiple- use superstructure project over an area of almost 300 thousand square meters, composed of mall, hotel and residence blocks at the city center of Skopje, capitol of Macedonia, and the Moglice hydroelectric power plant of approximately 250 MW power, for Statkraft in Albania have been continued. The hotel project carried out in Northern Cyprus has been completed and it is has been taken into operation in 2018.

Limak Construction has completed many HEPP projects in the energy sector. Among these; the construction of Alkumru Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is one of the largest hydroelectric power plant projects in Turkey constructed by the private sector with its 280 MW installed power and an average annual generation capacity of almost 1 billion kWh, has been completed within a period less than 3 years. Construction is continued at high speed at Yusufeli Dam, the world’s third highest double curvature concrete arch dam, undertaken in Artvin and Çetin Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant in Siirt, which is a group investment, and Gürsöğüt Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant in Ankara. Domestically, our contracting and investment projects are continued in all four corners of Anatolia, including projects such as the construction of the Şırnak-Pervari and Kahramanmaraş-Göksun 6th Region Border Section I roads that have been started in 2012.

On the other hand, the TANAP-Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Lot 4 (Eskişehir-Greece section) Project, and certain stages of the Northern Marmara Motorway have been completed in 2018. The construction of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Malkara-Çanakkale Motorway Project, which is also one of the very important projects for our country and has been awarded to a joint venture where the company is included, is continued. 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will be the longest suspension bridge of the world with a span of 2023 meters between the abutments, and it is planned to be completed and opened in 2023, the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

The Company will continue to work for a sustainable future also in 2019 and undertake large-scale energy, infrastructure and superstructure projects, with the highest level of performance in safety, quality and environment standards.

Furthermore, important infrastructure projects abroad, in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, financed by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Development Bank and African Development Bank are being followed-up.

Limak Construction, as always, will maintain the role being the follower of the mission dictated by the investment policies of all group companies and be the flagship of the rising brand values.