Infrastructure and Energy Investments


Energy Generation

Limak Energy, as aimed to ensure the medium and long-term energy supply safety of our country, makes energy generation investments based on source diversity and
moves forward to its goal of 5 thousand MW installed power within the scope of its long-term business plans.

Within this framework, there are comprehensive HEPP investments in the field of renewable energy of high significance in ensuring supply safety.

With the currently operating Alkumru, Uzunçayır, Seyrantepe, Pembelik, Tatar, Çal and Kirazlık hydroelectric power plants of Limak Energy and the Kargı Hydroelectric
Power Plant under construction, the total HEPP installed power of the group in operation and under construction is approximately 850 MW, and the total annual electricity
generation capacity is almost 3 billion kWh.

Moreover, the Group is closely following up on the tenders for the privatization of the large capacity EÜAŞ hydroelectric power plants to be held in 2016 and 2017, and the large capacity HEPP tenders to be held by DSİ within and after 2016, plus energy tenders to be held abroad.

The Group, also attaching importance to wind and solar energy investments in order to increase source diversity, continues field measurements and other activities in many
regions for wind and solar energy license applications and licensing operations.

Within this scope, it has been entitled to acquire 13.1 MW capacity for solar energy investment in the Konya 1 region in the tender held in January 2015. Adding the 1,186 MW installed power Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined- Cycle Power Plant, which is the first natural gas combined cycle power plant in Turkey, to its portfolio in 2013, in order to further reinforce availability in production, the Group has quickly started the investment operations to increase plant efficiency to the highest level at this facility.
Lignite and imported coal power plants constitute another important leg of source diversity. At the end of 2014, the Kemerköy and Yeniköy thermal power plants with a total installed power of 1,065 MW have been taken over by the Limak-IC İçtaş Partnership. Limak Energy, in addition to this investment, continues to evaluate new license development and acquisition opportunities in order to meet the base load requirement.

The Group, continuing to develop projects on renewable energy sources constantly, also has the Kargı HEPP that will have 100 MW installed power, and the Buharkent Geothermal Power Plant that will have 15 MW installed power, which are currently in the construction stage.

While the generation of the plants falling to the share of Limak was 1.3 billion kWh in 2013, this figure has reached 2.4 billion kWh in 2015.

Operational Hydroelectric Power Plants

Operational Natural Gas Plants

Operational Thermal Power Plants

Power Plants at the Planning Stage

Energy Distribution

By the Akdeniz, Boğaziçi, Çamlıbel, Uludağ and Kosovo electricity distribution companies, more than 52 billion kWh electricity distribution is made to 11 million domestic and international subscribers. While our company and partners pose as the largest private electricity distribution and retail sales company of Turkey as a result of these activities, it is also listed among the largest electricity distribution companies of the world.

Our distribution companies operate on uninterrupted, fast and reliable service principles, along the sustainability, efficiency and customer satisfaction axis. Therefore, in
addition to the operations, services are provided by the call centers on a 7 days 24 hours basis, while transactions through mobile and online channels are also possible. The
master plans and grid modelling, investment distribution infrastructure operations are conducted in compliance with the customer requirements, benefiting from modern
technology. At the end of 2015, all operation processes of the distribution companies will be managed from a single center through information technologies.

With transparent and on-site management understanding, significant investments are made on information technologies in our companies, in order to ensure continuity in service quality and the effective management of the resources.

By the investments made in information technologies, transformation from a labor intense structure to a technology intense structure will be achieved. This transformation
will allow the ability to offer more qualified services to the customers at lower costs.

The Akdeniz, Boğaziçi, Çamlıbel and Uludağ electricity distribution companies, maintaining leadership within the scope of service and customer satisfaction, capacity and
economic indicators, have established their retail sales companies, as separate legal entities as of January 2013.

Since all subscribers will acquire the free consumer status after 2015, the companies are rapidly implementing their technology and human resources investments in order to manage the change.

The main priority in our distribution activities is to maintain and improve our leader position in the area of distribution and retail sales.

As required by our social responsibility understanding, the distribution and retail companies are realizing many communication projects. Some of these activities have
made important achievements not only within the energy sector, but also for the general communication operations.

For example, the “Lights of the City” National Photography Contest has been found worthy of the Public Relations Activities (HİÇ - Halkla İlişkiler Çalışmaları) award organized by the Bursa Public Relations Association. In addition, with the “Sevgi Yolu”, “Kardeşim Üşümesin” and “Bi’ Kitap” projects, social responsibility projects have been conducted in the field of education.

Projects are being generated in order to meet the increased expectations regarding electricity distribution, together with privatization. Public days are held at the UEDAŞ headquarters every Thursday, in order to listen to the requests and expectations of the customers. During the public days organized to meet the reactions of our customers to our services, our customers are able to tell their demands and grievances to the general manager of the company directly.

This practice proves to be helpful in being close to our customers and comprehending and eliminating our deficiencies.

Within the scope of our support for education activities, the opening of the “”UEDAŞ Classroom” her been held at the Uludağ University Social Sciences Vocational Academy.

Support has been provided to sports clubs such as Bursaspor and Balıkesirspor. From the energy themed sports, we have been the main sponsor at the Bursa Bicycle
Festival and the sponsor of the Bursa team in the Southern Marmara Off-Road races. In addition, support in art is continued with the Lights of the City and the Uludağ Electricity Theater Group.

Energy Sales and Trading

The Limak Energy Group is one of the largest energy groups of Turkey working in the areas of generation, trade, retail sales and distribution, which is the four main businesses branched of the electricity sector. Limak Energy, which adapts to competition conditions by its know-how in these business branches that are integrated with each other and at the same time have their own unique dynamics, its experienced personnel and management that is capable of making quick decisions, aims to add value to all its stakeholders and the society.

Limak Energy, leading in the development of the highly dynamic Turkish energy market, works together with all sector representatives, and is included among the pioneers
of development by supporting sectorial associations and study groups. Limak Energy, which has taken an active part also in the activities for the establishment of the energy exchange in Turkey along this line, is the founding partner and shareholder of the Energy Markets Management Corp. –(EPİAŞ).

Limak Energy, which has significant experience in the commercial operation of facilities generating energy from different sources such as hydroelectric, wind, natural gas
and coal, also handles the management of a majör balancing group that includes the other generation and trade companies, in addition to the generation facilities with a capacity of approximately 3,000 MW that it owns. Adding new facilities to its generation portfolio and giving priority to renewable energy projects within this scope, Limak Energy also undertakes the management and trade activities of facilities outside of its own portfolio, within the scope of power plant management agreements.

Limak Energy, placing great emphasis on sustainable growth, has expanded its commercial operations by almost 100 percent as compared to the previous year, and has reached a wholesale and retail sales volume exceeding 6 billion kWh in 2015. Almost half of this trade volume has been provided by the energy procured from commercial
business partners outside of Limak Energy’s own generation portfolio. Limak Energy trading with more than 60 commercial business partners in Turkey and Europe within
the scope of bilateral agreements, actively operates in the Over the Counter Markets (OTC), Day-Ahead Market, Intra-day Market and Derivatives and Options Markets. In
the meantime, the trade group also carries out carbon trade in the international carbon markets.

Limak Energy, which has become a major natural gas consumer with the inclusion of the Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant within its generation portfolio, has also received an LNG import license and has started to closely follow up on opportunities that may emerge in the natural gas market. Limak Energy Trade ensures the effective planning of generation assets based on the generation sources such as coal, natural gas and hydroelectric within the group organization, and the
optimization of these assets so that their profitability is at the highest level. Limak Energy also continues to contribute within the scope of Ancillary Services in order to increase the electricity quality of our country by the owned and operated generation assets.

Limak Energy Europe, which has been established to achieve the vision of becoming an important actor also in Europe as in Turkey, continues its activities as based in
Bulgaria. Following the completion of the commercial registration procedures in Romania, Limak Energy Europe will also start its commercial activities in this country actively. The expansion of its activities throughout the whole Southeastern Europe region from Kosovo to Turkey, together with the new energy trade company established in Serbia, increases its cross-border trade volume. Limak Energy, which will get organized also in Albania within a short time, plans to further reinforce its position in Europe by the new investments it will make in the region.