Limak Investment


Energy Generation

Limak Energy Group operates in the fields of energy generation, distribution, sales and trade. Its energy portfolio is currently at the level of 3.000 MW with its hydroelectric, natural gas and coal power plants, and is continued to be expanded every year.

Limak Energy makes energy generation investments based on source diversity and moves forward to its goal of 5,000 MW installed power within the scope of its long-term business plans, as aimed to ensure the medium and long-term energy supply safety of our country.

Within this framework, it has HEPP investments with high generation capacity in the field of renewable energy which is of high significance in ensuring supply safety.

The total HEPP installed power of the group in operation and under construction is approximately 850 MW, and the total annual electricity generation capacity is approximately 2.7 billion kWh, with the currently operating Alkumru, Uzunçayır, Seyrantepe, Pembelik, Tatar, Çal and Kirazlık hydroelectric power plants of Limak Energy and the Kargı Hydroelectric Power Plant under construction.

The Group closely follows up on the tenders in Turkey and abroad and also takes heed of wind and solar energy investments in order to increase source diversity, and continues wind and solar energy license applications and field surveys and other activities aimed for licensing operations in many regions.

The activities related with 2 solar power plants of 13.1 MW and 5 MW capacity are being continued within this scope.
The group’s HEPP installed power will reach approximately 900 MW when the available renewable source projects are completed, and the renewable energy installed power will be 930 MW.

The Group has added the 1,186 MW installed power Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined-Cycle Power Plant - the first natural gas combined cycle power plant in Turkey - to its portfolio in 2013, in order to further reinforce availability in production, and has quickly started the investment operations to increase plant efficiency to the highest level at this facility.

Lignite and imported coal power plants constitute another important leg of source diversity. The Kemerköy and Yeniköy thermal power plants with a total installed power of 1,065 MW have been taken over by the Limak-IC İçtaş Partnership at the end of 2014. Limak Energy, in addition to this investment, continues to evaluate new license development and acquisition opportunities in order to meet the base load requirement.

The Group continues to develop projects on renewable energy sources constantly, its portfolio also includes the Kargı HEPP of 100 MW installed power, and the Buharkent Geothermal Power Plant of 15 MW installed power, which are currently in the construction stage, and Gürsöğüt Dam and HEPP project of 56 MW installed power, the tender for which has been awarded in 2016.

While the generation of the plants falling to the share of Limak was 1.3 billion kWh in 2013, this figure has reached 1.9 billion kWh in 2014, 2.4 billion kWh in 2015, and 5 billion kHW in 2016. New annual generation records have been reached with the 933.6 million kWh and 169.6 million kWh generated at the Alkumru and Kirazlık hydroelectric power plants in 2016, and 2 billion kWh by the total annual generation of 7 HEPP’s.

Operational Hydroelectric Power Plants

Operational Natural Gas Plants

Operational Thermal Power Plants

Power Plants in Construction and Planning Stage

Energy Distribution

More than 16.5 billion kWh of electricity is distributed to 3.5 million domestic and international subscribers by the Uludağ and - abroad - Kosovo electricity distribution companies.

The distribution companies operate on uninterrupted, fast and reliable service principles, along the sustainability, efficiency and customer satisfaction axis. Therefore, in addition to the operations, services are provided on 7/24 basis by the call centers, and transactions can also be made through mobile and online channels. The master plans and grid modeling studies, investment distribution infrastructure operations are conducted in compliance with the customer requirements, benefiting from modern technology.

The first phase of the SCADA project, which was started during the second half of 2014 within the scope of the Integrated Information Technologies Systems project, has been completed in 2016. It will be possible to carry out all measurement, monitoring and control activities, as uninterrupted on 24 hours’ basis, without staff physically going to the relevant location, with the project that covers Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Yalova provinces. Uninterrupted and more qualified energy supply will be offered to the subscribers with the SCADA/DMS project.

Significant investments are made on information technologies in our companies with a transparent and on-site management understanding, in order to ensure continuity in service quality and the effective management of the resources.

Transformation from a labor intensive structure to a technology intensive structure will be achieved by the investments made in information technologies. This transformation will allow the ability to offer more qualified services to the customers at lower costs.

The Uludağ Electricity Distribution Company, maintaining leadership within the scope of service and customer satisfaction, capacity and economic indicators, has established its own retail sales company, as separate legal entity as of January 2013.

Uludağ Electricity Distribution Company, conducts studies in order to offer distribution services at the same quality to almost 3 million customers living in the region, from the city center to the farthest districts, even in the remotest villages of those districts.

Our call center service quality is being increased in order to respond to all kinds of demands of the customers, both in writing and verbally. The customers are able to create failure records and obtain detailed information regarding the planned outages with the application that may be accessed from mobile appliances. Meanwhile, it is possible to find out about outages that will be made due to renewal works 48 hours in advance, through the Planned Outages menu. While the customers who use the application are able to see the planned and instantaneous outages, they are also able to connect to the customer representative on duty at the call center and receive live support. The number of installed mobile applications in around 10 thousand.

The main priority in the distribution activities is to maintain and improve the leader position in the field of distribution and retail sales.

As Uludağ Electricity Distribution Company, life and property safety violations will be eliminated at a significant level by the capacity increases and expansion investments, and investments that will ensure supply continuity will be accelerated. Within this scope, the grids of neighborhoods that have not seen any investments for years will be renewed, and thus a more aesthetic appearance will be achieved and failures occurring at the Low Voltage level will be minimized. In addition, investments will be made in the urban transformation zone defined by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in order to meet the energy demands of the new housing buildings that are constructed in the region and ensure aesthetics in appearance.

Uludağ Electricity Distribution Company, which has undertaken the energy distribution of Balıkesir, where Turkey’s bird sanctuary Manyas is located, and Bursa, Çanakkale and Yalova, has brought the obligation to apply hanging insulators on all power transmission lines that will be built as of 2017. This system will allow to prevent storks from hitting the power lines and receiving an electric shock at significant levels.

The distribution and retail companies are realizing many communication projects as required by our social responsibility understanding. Some of these activities have made important achievements not only within the energy sector, but also for the general communication operations. UEDAŞ, increasing its brand value with its technical achievements and social responsibility projects in the areas it serves, has been found worthy of the “Gold Voltage” social responsibility award at the 7th Energy Summit.

Energy Sales and Trading

The Limak Energy Group is one of the largest energy groups of Turkey operating in the areas of generation, trade, retail sales and distribution, which constitute the four main business branches of the electricity sector. Limak Energy is capable of adapting to competition conditions by its know-how in these business branches, which are integrated with each other but also time have their own unique dynamics at the same, its experienced personnel and management that is capable of making quick decisions, and aims to add value to all its stakeholders and the society.

Limak Energy, leading in the development of the highly dynamic Turkish energy market, works together with all sector representatives, and is included among the pioneers of development, by supporting sectorial associations and study groups. Limak Energy has taken an active part also in the activities for the establishment of the energy exchange in Turkey along this line and is a founding partner and shareholder in the Energy Markets Management Corp. (Enerji Piyasaları İşletme A.Ş. - EPİAŞ).

Limak Energy has significant experience in the commercial operation of facilities generating energy from different sources such as hydroelectric, wind, natural gas and coal, and in addition to the generation facilities with a capacity of approximately 3,000 MW that it owns, it also handles the management of one of the largest balancing groups of Turkey of 5,700 MW in size that includes the other generation and trade companies,. Limak Energy also undertakes the management and trade activities of facilities outside of its own portfolio, by adding new facilities to its generation portfolio within the scope of power plant management agreements and giving priority to renewable energy projects.

Limak Energy, placing great emphasis on sustainable growth, has reached a wholesale and retail sales volume exceeding 7 billion kWh in the commercial operations of 2016. Almost half of this trade volume has been provided by the energy procured from commercial business partners outside of Limak Energy’s own generation portfolio. Limak Energy trades with more than 60 commercial business partners in Turkey and Europe within the scope of bilateral agreements, and actively operates in the Over the Counter Markets (OTC), Day-Ahead Market, Intra-day Market and Derivatives and Options Markets. In the meantime, the trade group also carries out carbon trade in the international carbon markets.

Limak Energy has become a major natural gas consumer with the inclusion of the Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant within its generation portfolio and has also received an LNG import license and started to follow up on opportunities that may emerge in the natural gas market. Limak Energy Trade ensures the effective planning of generation assets based on the generation sources such as coal, natural gas and hydroelectric within the group organization, and the optimization of these assets so that their profitability is at the highest level.

Limak Energy also continues to contribute within the scope of Ancillary Services in order to increase the electricity quality of our country by the owned and operated generation assets.

Limak Energy Europe has been established to accomplish the vision of becoming an important actor also in Europe as well as in Turkey, and continues its activities as based in Bulgaria. Limak Energy Europe will also start its commercial activities in this Romania actively, following the completion of the commercial registration procedures in this country. Limak Energy has expanded its activities throughout the whole Southeastern Europe region from Kosovo to Turkey, together with the new energy trade company established in Serbia, and is increasing its cross-border trade volume. LC Electricity Trading & Supply has achieved a growth by 300 percent in 2016 as compared to its sales volume in 2015, and supplied approximately 200 GWh energy to the country in general. Limak Energy plans to reinforce its position in Europe even further in the near future, by taking a more active role in the regional market.

Limak Energy carries out retail energy sales activities throughout Turkey, by its headquarters sales team in Istanbul and Ankara and representations in the other regions. Developing the products that are most compatible with customer requirements, Limak Energy provides access to the spot electricity market as well as fixed or indexed energy sales to its customers. Approved carbon sales from renewable generation sources are also carried out to customers that are sensitive to the environment, in order to reduce their carbon emissions. Customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level in the after-sales services thanks to its specialized operation team and online operations center. The group continuously expands its retail sales portfolio, while adopting a customer focused service understanding and the win-win principle.

Limak Energy Group targets sustainable growth in sales, trade, distribution and generation activities and continues its activities in a consistent manner along this line domestically and also abroad with the goal of becoming a global actor.