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Human Resources
Our Values

Our Values

As a group recognizing that service and product quality depend on the quality of employees, we aim to work with the candidates who adopt the values below and we manage our employment procedures accordingly: 

Honesty, Reliability, Responsibility
Adhering to the laws and ethical rules in all activities and relations; behaving in an honest and open way and keeping the promises; leading virtues of reliability, consistency and setting examples. 

To be a leader in the sectors in which it operates at home and abroad by possessing strong corporate governance, business development and project management.

Innovation, creativity and being open to changes
To follow up with the changes and the developments in the markets we work at. In the lights of continuous learning, innovation and continuous development, to support skills for creativity and to make the company progress. 

Efficiency and effectiveness
In all activities, to convert the opportunities into success acting proactively; to be a profitable and productive company which utilizes its resources effectively. 

Quality and Result Oriented
To extend the products and services to clients on time, in universal standards, quality and costs as scheduled. To achieve the business targets through measurable, traceable parameters by associating them with business results. 

Equality of Opportunity
To stand against any kind of discrimination by avoiding any view and policies which are based on religion, language, gender, ethnicity or physical disability when making recruitment decisions or decisions regarding our employees. 

Adopting democratic management model, to involve employees in management and decision making processes. As a result of this approach to offer clarity in decisions and transparency in executions. 

Employee and Customer Satisfaction
To perceive the customers the reason for its existence, to ensure customer satisfaction by offering them high quality service with added value. Being an institution whose employees feel proud of it and look to the future with confidence. 

Working in the direction of designated common goals and values in unity and harmony, aware of the responsibilities sharing, mediating and always considering the interests of the country and the company. 

Corporate Social Responsibility
To enable the society to benefit from and be informed of the company’s activities by acting as a proactive organization which is aware of its social and environmental responsibilities.

To disseminate economic, social and environmental factors in company activities and decision mechanisms and to effectively manage the risks related to these factors.

Diversity and Tolerance
To create a corporate culture where diversity and inclusion are sustainable and employees are respectful and tolerant towards each other by providing equal and fair access to resources and opportunities in the workplace.

Compliance with Law
To comply with the laws and international law in all countries where it operates to carry out its activities in accordance with all these laws, rules and regulations.