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Limak Philharmonic Orchestra

Limak Philharmonic Orchestra, which has been established by Limak Foundation in 2017, under the general art directorship of world-renowned tenor Murat Karahan, performed the timeless songs of Zeki Müren, during its first performance conducted by Rengin Gökmen, one of the leading conductors in Turkey. Limak Philharmonic Orchestra aims to introduce polyphonic music to wide masses, by interpreting Turkish music polyphonically.

The orchestra offered the most popular songs of Zeki Müren to the spectators with a different interpretation in 8 provinces, within the scope of the Turkey tour following the concerts in Ankara and İstanbul.

Limak Philharmonic Orchestra met around 20,000 art lovers across Turkey and the album of ‘’Zeki Müren Songs’’ consisting of the unforgettable pieces such as “Şimdi Uzaklardasın” (Now You’re Far Away), “Elbet Bir Gün Buluşacağız” (Of Course We Will Meet One Day), “Veda Busesi” (Farewell Kiss) and “Senede Bir Gün” (One Day a Year) took its place in all digital platforms and music markets in 2018.