Social Investments
Limak Foundation

Limak Foundation

Limak Education Culture and Health Foundation was established in 2016 to pursue the objective of accumulation of the entire social investments and aid projects executed by Limak Group of Companies for many years under one roof as well as ensuring the continuity thereof in a more institutional and effective manner.

Limak Foundation, therefore, contributes for the transformation of the young and dynamic potential of our country’s population to qualified human resources by means of sustainable endeavors offering assistance to societal development and improvement. In this context, the foundation provides support for the new generation engineer candidates particularly the “Engineer Girls of Turkey” by means of social investments executed in the field of education and aims for the women to be actively engaged in the field of engineering and carries out activities to raise awareness of STEM in the society starting from young ages. The foundation, while supporting the students of secondary education with outstanding achievements under challenging conditions, executes projects in the belief that cultural and art activities are required to be accessed by the entire segments of the society.   

The objective of Limak Foundation is based on the fact that the young and dynamic potential of our society could be transformed to qualified human resources and thus the superiority within could be resolved into more substantial and deterministic strength in our rapidly globalizing world. The Foundation, acting with the awareness that the most valuable investment is the one done in people and embracing the understanding “the future lies within the youth”, builds its activities on the basis of raising new generations that are strong, contemporary, respectful to the dignified and eminent society and ready to contribute to the resolution of social and economic issues. 



2018 • Stevie Award- Gold Stevie
           Manager of the Year - Civil Society - Ebru Özdemir


2018 • European Property Awards
           Best Public Service Building


2019 • 11th Corporate Social Responsibility Summit SDGs Awards - Gold Success Award
2018 • IPRA Gold Award - Corporate Responsibility
         • Stevie Awards Silver Stevie
           Best Corporate Responsibility Project of the Year - Europe
         • Stevie Awards Silver Stevie
           Best Communication and Public Relations Campaign of the Year
           Public Service
         • Stevie Awards Silver Stevie
           Best Communication and Public Relations Campaign of the Year
           Global Issues

2016 • Private Sector Volunteers Association - Awards from the Heart
           Most Creative Volunteering Project