Social Responsibility
Limak Foundation

Limak Foundation

Limak Education Culture and Health Foundation has been established in 2016, in order to collect all social responsibility and aid projects conducted by the Limak Group of Companies for years under a single roof, and ensure their continuation in a more corporate and effective manner.

One of the most important projects of the foundation in the field of education is the Engineer Girls of Turkey project that has been initiated in 2015 as a comprehensive and long-term project, aimed to promote the presence of more women in the field of engineering. With this project, girl students who are or will receive engineering education are supported from many aspects during their education, in order to expose the engineers among us, ensure that our girls take part more in this field and invest in the bright future of Turkey. The Engineer Girls of Turkey project is a project that starts by encouraging girl students all around our country for engineering education, and encompasses a variety of support activities in continuation.

As Limak Foundation, we aim to contribute in the education and development of teenagers in secondary education, who are studying with success in spite of financial difficulties, with the Gülseren Özdemir Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Program that has been implemented in 2016.

With the Limak Talks, yet another project initiated within the Foundation organization again in 2016, we aimed to contribute in the development of the society in the field of education by a platform hosting academicians, authors, artists as speakers.

The objective of the Foundation is based on the fact that our society may transform its young and dynamic potential into qualified man power and its superiority in this area into a larger and more determinant power in the rapidly globalizing world of our day. The Foundation builds its actıvıtıes with the awareness that the most valuable investment to achieve this objective is the investment made in man and the “the youth is the future” understanding, ın order to rear the future generations of an education focused, strong, contemporary, honorable society, who respect unıversal values and are capable of contributing in the solution of social and economic problems.