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Social Investments
Other Social Investments


Syrian Refugees in Turkey Report

The report titled “Attitude of Turkey and Challenges on the Path to Long-term Solidarity with Syrian Refugees” prepared by Atlantic Council in Turkey with the support of Limak, has been published in September 2018. The report prepared by the European Parliament Turkey Forum General Secretary Laura Batalla and Penn State Harrisburg University Public Administration Department Political Science Academician Juliette Tolay, recommends various policies to the related parties, primarily in the economic and social integration areas, while it takes the current photograph of the Syrian citizens in Turkey. The report was first launched at the Concordia Summit, organized in New York within the scope of the United Nations General Board Week in September, and the launch in Turkey was made in İstanbul in October.

Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator (SDG Impact Accelerator) Project

‘SDG Impact Accelerator’ project was implemented with the cooperation of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP Turkey Office, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP),  Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation, Qatar Investment and Development Fund, Limak and Eczacıbaşı Group and Limak in September 2018. 

The project gathers entrepreneurs across the world who facilitate access to basic services and livelihoods through digital identity for refugees and disadvantaged groups in Turkey or develop technological solutions in the field of clean water and sanitation. Acceleration program  which started with 27 team from 14 countries in the first period continued with 9 teams who introduced the technologies that they developed for the use of refugees and disadvantaged groups in Turkey.  

9 teams and 4 observer teams participating in the “accelerator” stage joined the field trips organized in August 2019 under the leadership of WFP, UNDP and Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 16 entrepreneurs from 13 teams made various visits in İstanbul, Bozüyük and Gaziantep and observed the needs of refugees and disadvantaged individuals in the field.

Entrepreneurs who brought forward a proposal to perform a pilot scheme for the needs they observed in the field, presented their solutions in SDG Impact Accelerator Demo Day organized in İstanbul in September 2019 and two selected startups had the opportunity to present their projects at the United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York in September 2019 and in Geneva in December 2019.

LimakPort İskenderun Handicapped Basketball Team Sponsorship

Supported by LimakPort, İskenderun Disabled Basketball Team successfully continues its struggle in the Super League in the new season and is among the teams that have proven themselves in the super league.

Within the scope of the support, two Limak Energy Music Chorus “No Boundaries” concerts were organized in 2019 for İskenderun Sports Club for the disabled.


Limak has supported micro-credit by making a donation to the first micro-credit branch opened in Siirt Kurtalan on November 21, 2008.

The Branch, which has given credit to 3,127 entrepreneur women since its establishment, has extended a credit amount of TL 711,395.74 to 330 entrepreneur women in 2019.

Events to the Benefit of Martyr Families and Scholarship Students


  • Stories to 2023 -XVIII
  • Erol Erdinç - Leyla Çolakoğlu Concert
  • A Night in Venice Ankara State Opera and Ballet
  • Frantisek Brikcius and Anna Brikciusova Cello Duo
  • Yeşim Gökalp Concert



  •  İskenderun Handicapped Basketball Tem Sponsorship


  •  Streetball Pristine
  •  Pristine Basketball Club Balkan League and European League
  •  Basketball Team
  •  KTV Carting Event Kosovo GoCart Races


  •  İskenderun Handicapped Basketball Tem Sponsorship
  •  2nd Bursa Bicycle Festival Sponsorship

LimakPort İskenderun Wheelchair Basketball Team Sponsorship

The Iskenderun Wheelchair Basketball Team, supported by LimakPort, was promoted to the first league last year and became the champion by completing the play-off games as undefeated.

The team that continues its effort successfully also in the new season, aims to complete the second half of the league among the top 4 and be promoted to the Super League.

Kurtalan Micro-Credit Branch

Limak has supported micro-credit by making a donation to the first micro-credit branch opened at Siirt Kurtalan on November 21, 2008.

As of January 25, 2016, the Branch has provided 1,929,937.13 TL of micro-credit to 900 women.