Social Responsibility
Other Social Investments


Green Transformation Forests

 Limak Energy will plant saplings and create forests in Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Yalova provinces, in return for the papers used in the bills sent to the customers and subscription procedures with the “Green Transformation Forests” Project. Trees that correspond to 50 tons of paper will be returned to nature every year in the project that aims to plant 1000 trees every year in order to balance the amount of paper consumed. The project will ensure that 200 tons of paper and 4 thousand trees are recycled to nature at the end of 4 years. The first saplings of the project have been planted in Çanakkale.


 Carbon Emission Reduction Certificate

Uzuncayir hydroelectric power plant in Tunceli, Turkey operated by Limak, obtained the Carbon Emission Reduction Certificate based on the international carbon standards (VCS).  Uzuncayir hydroelectric power plant provides carbon emission reductions of 151.000 ton annually. With the evaluation of social and environmental contributions and works granted to Uzuncayir project area by Limak, Uzuncayir project is awarded the Social Carbon Validation Certificate. Limak who develops one of the first social carbon credits in Turkey, offered 250.000 tons of carbon credits to the international voluntary markets in 2012.

"Refresh Your Memories” Flower Seed Campaign

Limak Tourism Group launched a campaign named Refresh Your Memories. We started to give away 14 different types of seeds including fennel, eastern hollyhock, cosmos, redbud, echinacea, coriander, sage, aniseed, thyme, melissa, eucalyptus, basil, sunflower and larch. 100,000 sets of seed were distributed so far in the campaign since 2011.

Limak Memorial Forest

Limak Tourism Group decided to establish a Memorial Forest area in Antalya in order to reforest the forest areas destroyed by fires and planted 10,000 saplings on a 100-decare area. Limak Tourism Group will plant 100,000 saplings in Limak Tourism Group Memorial Forest for the next 10 years and leave their mark in Antalya on behalf of their customers.

"A sapling changes the world”

Limak Human Resources organized an activity of Limak Children Forest for the celebration of April 23rd. Limak employees gathered in Akyurt Güzelhisar on April 29, 2012, planted saplings for their children, and took the first step to establish Limak Children Forest

Planting Works

Limak Cement Group planted 191,367 trees of various species in total in planting works that is carried out regularly on a yearly basis.