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Engineer Girls of Turkey

As Limak, we created our project in 2015, aiming to support school girls, who are or will be receiving engineering education, from many respects throughout their education. The Engineer Girls of Turkey (EGT) project starts with attracting school girls from all four corners of our country to engineering education, and continues with numerous support activities. The project, which we have carried out in partnership with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) since June 2016, consists of two separate activity groups as aimed for high schools and universities.

We enlighten school girls studying at the high schools about the engineering profession by different events, within the scope of the project. In this way, we aim for them to feel close to engineering and include engineering more in their profession selections.

Meanwhile, we support our successful young girls who are studying at the engineering faculties of universities and need financial support, throughout their education lives in various respects. These supports include;
• Education scholarship throughout university education,
• Opportunity for internship in Limak and other organizations in the sector,
• Mentoring support through our volunteer female engineers,
• Social engineering certificate program,
• Online English language training,
• Opportunity of employment in Limak and different organizations in the sector, within the scope of the requirements.

The voluntary education and mentoring program is conducted by female engineers working in Limak and other female engineers who stand out in this field. The mentors are trained by professionals in the field, thanks to the collaboration with the Private Sector Volunteer’s Association, and they are in a communication network based on experience transfer with the scholars.

Mentoring is composed of 5 modules. The module titles are;
• What is volunteering, what does volunteering bring to us, examples of volunteering
• Corporate volunteering
• Examples from the world and in Turkey
• Volunteering studies conducted with the youth
• Studies concerning mentoring the youth
• Workshop and implementation examples.

In the second year of the project, the scholarship and mentoring program for 54 university students continues. In 2017, events were held in Hatay province to create awareness and enlighten female students studying in high schools, with different events related to the engineering profession. Within this scope, various education and activities for teachers, students and parents were organized in Antakya Anatolian High School and İstiklal Makzume Anatolian High School. Activities for cities will continue in the next academic year.

KEDS Academy

The KEDS Academy, established by the Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company (KEDS) conducting electricity distribution activities in Kosovo, in order to contribute in the solution to the unemployment problem.

The students, who successfully complete their training of approximately 9 months, find the opportunity to work within the KEDS organization and in Europe, thanks to the BTEC certificate that is acknowledged in all EU


The Limak Airport Services Institute (LimakASI) , established by the Pristina Adem Jashari International Airport, in collaboration with the Boğaziçi University Life-Long Education Center, Pristina University and French Civil Aviation School ENAC, in order to offer new career opportunities to the young and talented labor force.

Limak Havalimanı Hizmetleri Enstitüsü (Limak Airport Services Institute - LimakASI), Priştina Adem Yaşari Uluslararası Havalimanı olarak ülkedeki genç ve yetenekli iş gücüne yeni kariyer fırsatları sunmak için, Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Yaşam Boyu Eğitim Merkezi, Priştina Üniversitesi ve Fransa Sivil Havacılık Okulu ENAC işbirliğiyle başlatılan bir sosyal sorumluluk projesidir.

Candidates in their senior year, studying at the different departments of the Pristina University, from law to engineering faculties, who qualified following two challenging exams and interview, graduate after successfully completing their six-months’ theoretical and practical trainings and three months of internship. The Airport Operation certificates received by the students in the program will be applicable in more than 100 airports in over 70 countries in compliance with the European Union Aviation Acquis and the relevant sector enterprises.

LimakASI, merging academic education with the know-how and experience of the private sector, continues its second year also with success as a reference training center for qualified labor force in the field of airport operation in the geography where it is located.


FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) tournaments attended by over 20.000 teams aged between 9 and 16 from 70 countries are held under the title, “Science Heroes Meet”, in Turkey. In the event, the tenth of which is to be held this year, Science Heroes will be producing innovative solutions to preparedness against disasters under the theme, “Force of Nature”.

The team which will be the champion in the national tournament will be entitled to represent Turkey in FLL World Festival to be held in the USA. As Limak, we continued our works for the tournaments with our team comprising our employees’ children set up in 2013 throughout the year. With our team aiming at success, we will be competing in the local tournament to be held on February 23, 2014.

“Future of Electricity, Professionals of the Future”

Within the scope of the social responsibility project “Future of Electricity, Professionals of the Future”, trainings and seminars are organized at universities in order to support the education of the electricity market professionals of the future. At the end of the 4 weeks’ training, certificates are issued to the students who have successfully completed the training.

Siirt Education Center

Turkey’s largest education center established over an area of 14.000 m², housing a high-school with 80 classrooms, girls’ dormitory for 630 students, a conference hall for thousand persons and an indoor sports hall, has been opened at the Siirt provincial center.

Women’s Marks in Democracies

Within the scope of the project, workshops were hosted by Limak Ambassadore Hotel in Ankara on October 9-10 2010.

Activities for Scholarship Students

• Erol Erdinç - Leyla Çolakoğlu Concert 13.06.2009
• The Operetta of A Night in Venice Ankara State Opera and Ballet 15.05.2009
• Frantisek Brikcius - Anna Brikciusova Cello Duo 20.04.2009
• Yeşim Gökalp Concert 17.03.2009
• Yıldırım Mayruk Couture Collection 14.05.2008

Book Campaign in Hatay

Limak Construction donated a set of books including 100 major works of art that is recommended by the Ministry of Education to all the primary school and high school students in Hatay.

Limak Kindergarten

Limak built a kindergarten at the Albayrak Primary School in Kurtalan. The kindergarten has two classrooms for 40 students. Limak Kindergarten was opened in October 2011.

This Youth Has New Ideas

The winners of the “This Youth Has New Ideas” project organized by TUSIAD to encourage the young entrepreneurs are announced.  The project done by the two biology students from the Middle East Technical University, “Heavy Metal Garbage Collector”, came in first.  Ebru Ozdemir, the board member at Limak Holding, was the mentor of the students, Beliz Bediz and Yunus Can Esmeroglu.

TUSIAD and Limak Holding held a cocktail reception and dinner at the Limak Ambassadore Hotel to celebrate the winners of this project event of which 154 projects from 48 universities participated.

Anittepe Outdoor Swimming Pool

The outdoor swimming pool located adjacent to Anıttepe 100th Year Indoor Swimming Pool, which belongs to the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, was enclosed to provide year-round use. Design and fabrication were in conformity with applicable international standards related to prefabricated structures. The enclosure is a hot dipped galvanized steel construction with coating material made of double-coated polyester plastic. Distribution of loads that could affect the bearing structure, such as snow, wind, and earthquake loads were distributed in accordance with TS 498, and TS 500. The structure was built on a concrete base so that it can be dismantled and installed at another place whenever necessary. The sides of the enclosure are covered with foldable canvas for summertime ventilation. The project design and implementation stages were completed within the shortest possible period and the swimming pool was handed over to Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports in order to meet one of the Ankara’s most pressing needs.

Baklan Limak Hüsamettin Tuyji Multi-Program High School Denizli

The High School was opened in the 1987- 1988 semester, and on September 14, 2001, it moved to its new building, which was constructed by Limak and turned over to the Ministry of National Education. This multi-program high school includes three educational facilities: a regular high school, a commercial high school, and a vocational religious high school. 19 regular teachers and one principal are employed at the high school, which provides coeducation for 132 students.

Belek Limak Primary School Antalya

Belek Limak Primary School comprises 16 classes, 2 laboratories, a computer room, a kindergarten, a library, a sports hall, a principal’s room, a teachers’ room, and a janitor’s room. The school was completed in 6 months and donated to the Ministry of National Education in the 2002- 2003 semester.

Limak-Türker Primary School

In Esenyurt Kıraç, a booming region of Istanbul, Limak - Türker Primary School, which was built by Limak and Türker as a donation to Ministry of Education, was opened with the opening ceremony led by İstanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş. The construction of the school having the indoor area of 5.250 m2 had started in 2006 and it was completed in 2008.

There are 16 classrooms, a science laboratory, a library and computer classrooms in the school which was designed for the best education of students.

Limak Kurtalan Cement Girl Students’ Dormitory

Limak Kurtalan Cement, which supports all kinds of social projects in Siirt region, decided to contribute to the problem of girls’ dormitory, one of the biggest needs of the region, and completed the 100-bed girls’ dormitory in just 6 months with all its interior fittings from beds to desks and presented it to school girls in 2006 under the name “Limak Kurtalan Cement Girl Students’ Dormitory”.

Afyon Şuhut Limak Girls’ Vocational High School and Infant School

Şuhut Vocational High School, which has 12,000 m2 open area and 5.212 m2 of indoor area, was opened in 2010-2011 education year. The school has 16 classrooms with a capacity of 480 students and there are units such as computer and science labs, vocational technique workshop, sports hall, painting and music classrooms, two activity and game rooms, a library, infirmary, basketball-volleyball pitch, and disabled elevator. In addition to the high school building, a practice infant school involved with a capacity of 75 students.