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Press Releases
Second edition of the KEDS Academy takes off officially

Second edition of the KEDS Academy takes off officially

Amongst many applicants, 50 selected participants will official start the program of the second edition of KEDS Academy, winner of the 4 most prestigious international awards in the field of corporate social responsibility

The second edition of KEDS Academy has taken off in an official ceremony organized in Prishtina. The Academy is established by KEDS in cooperation with the University of Prishtina, Bogazici University and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The Academy is a KEDS initiative aiming to offer space to young talents for their further professional and academic development. The first generation of the Academy of KEDS offered professional and academic trainings, practicing opportunities and employment for 50 participants from the University of Prishtina and professional technical secondary schools at KEDS.

“The second edition of Academy will offer increase of professional and academic capacities through training and practice programs for 50 participants while compared to the first edition, KEDS will employ a number of participants based on the achievements and the performance during the implementation phases of the Academy.”, said Mr. Mesut Serhat Dinc, member of the executive board of KEDS, who also created and initiated the Academy.

The professional training part is to be offered by the Bogazici University in Turkey, ranked amongst 200 best universities in the world, and experts of KEDS in the field of energy and other professional fields.

“After the very successful first edition we are very prepared to achieve the new targets in the second edition. And the target is to have the Academy further advances in all the aspects and for this we are prepared”, said Mehmet Alisan from Bogazici University.

The partner of the KEDS Academy is the University of Prishtina as well. “The support from the University of Prishtina for the KEDS Academy will be permanent. I wish that this edition of the Academy of “KEDS is successful. This makes it possible for the students to advance their acquired knowledge and to have these implemented in practice”, said Arbnor Pajaziti, vice-rector at the University of Prishtina.

After the successful completion of the program the students will participate at the practical work / internships offered by KEDS. “Facing real situations at work is more than important in order to have professional capacities raised therefore we have designed this training and practical program to help young talents in Kosovo and to contribute to the place were we work.”, said Mr. Mesut Serhat Dinc.

KEDS Academy is evaluated with 4 Stevie Awards, the most prestigious international awards in the field of corporate social responsibility. “Our Academy is a good sample of cooperation between companies and the sector of education in Kosovo and as such should be taken as a sample by everyone. The youth in Kosovo need support and such opportunities. Moreover, based on the success and the performance of the participants of the first generation, we have employed all of them and they are all now a part of KEDS, and thus are contributing in the development of the energy sector in Kosovo.”, declared Mr. Mesut Serhat Dinc at the end of his speech.

At the end of the ceremony the organizers distributed acknowledgments to the cooperators of KEDS Academy for the given contribution.