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Limak Group of Companies 2018-2019 Sustainability Report has been publishned

Limak Group of Companies 2018-2019 Sustainability Report has been publishned

Limak announced its aims in many areas from women’s employment to energy and water efficiency with ‘Our passion is sustainability’ vision.

Carrying out studies for the development of sustainability understanding in all sectors among the sustainability targets determined by Limak Group of Companies for the next ten years, increasing women’s employment by 40% within the group until 2026, ensuring an average of 25% energy efficiency and 28% water efficiency by 2030, Increasing the use of Renewable Energy Resources to at least 30% in total energy consumption and completing the sustainability training of all suppliers by 2026.

Limak Group of Companies, aiming to create a positive impact in all areas and geographies where it operates with the awareness of environmental and social responsibility, has published its new sustainability policy and sustainability targets covering the 2020-2030 period in the 2018-2019 Sustainability Report. The report includes the economic, environmental, social and governance activities of companies in the fields of construction, tourism, cement, infrastructure, energy and food and the Limak Foundation for the two-year period between January 2018 and December 2019, and the outputs of these activities.

Limak Group of Companies, aiming to crown its growth performance in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, will evaluate its 12 strategic targets in 3 periods as 2023, 2026 and 2030.

Commenting on the subject, Limak Group of Companies Chairperson Ebru Özdemir said, “In our report, we, as Limak Group of Companies, share our sustainability approach, our concrete goals for the next critical decade, and our sustainability governance model that we have renewed in line with today’s realities and change in order to achieve these goals. As a group, we believe in the necessity of an inclusive approach, high environmental and social awareness at both corporate and individual levels, and decisive actions with clear, concrete and precise goals to protect the world for a sustainable economic development. In line with this belief, we have modeled our business focuses, which we have created to cover all our activities, according to the tripartite structure of inclusive development, social people and healthy planet. In our report, we share the 12 main goals we set within the framework of each of our sustainability focus and the concrete steps to be taken within our group. In 2026, the 50th anniversary of our group, we will achieve our main goals with the contributions of our valuable stakeholders and employees. We believe that our passionate commitment to our sustainability journey will lead us to success, and we invite all our stakeholders to be with us in this effort. "

Successful Sustainability Performance in All Sectors

The successful sustainability performance in all sectors in which Limak Group of Companies operates draws attention. 

Limak Construction, one of the world’s leading construction companies with domestic and international projects with a total value of more than 10 billion dollars, ranked 67th in 2019 in the world’s first 250 international construction companies list published by Engineering News-Record (ENR). Within the scope of OHS and sustainability studies, while 20% efficiency was achieved in unit water consumption at Limak Construction compared to 2017, 97% customer satisfaction was achieved in 2019. 

In Limak Tourism, which hosts an average of more than 450,000 guests annually with a bed capacity of more than 6000, 94% guest satisfaction has been achieved in the last two years. Within Limak Tourism, which meets 95% of the supply of goods and services from local suppliers in the regions where it is located, a Zero Waste Project has started to be implemented at Limak Lara Hotel in February 2018 and at Limak Eurasia Hotel as of 2019. As another prominent performance indicator, there has been a decrease of approximately 7% in electricity and water consumption per overnight stay in total hotels in the last year.

The total asset size of the sector in Turkey first, capacity ranking the second Limak Cement, the largest cement producer in the second, first and first ISO 45001 certificate GOLD Certificate in Turkey has an integrated cement factory in the area. The Ivory Coast factory, one of the investments of

Limak Cement in Africa, is the only cement factory in the top 10 among the most environmentally friendly companies, while the Mozambique factory is one of the three largest producers in the country. At Limak Cement, which has accomplished many innovative and pioneering works in the sector, a decrease of 13% in total electricity consumption and 16% in total CO2 emission was recorded in the last year. 

In the field of infrastructure investments; At the Pristina International Adem Jashari Airport, which is the only international airport of the Republic of Kosovo and the most technological airport in the Balkans, which Limak has completed and continues to operate, in the last year, a 2% decrease was recorded in the total energy cost, with 4% savings in electricity consumption from passengers. In addition, within the scope of sustainability efforts, 8% fuel savings per passenger and 8% reduction in direct emissions were achieved. At LimakPort İskenderun, the gateway of the East and Southeast Anatolia and the Middle East to the world, where Limak continues to operate, as a result of efforts to reduce hazardous waste generation, 48% reduction in the amount of hazardous waste per ton and 60% reduction in the total amount of hazardous waste has been achieved in the last one year. As a result of the OHS practices and trainings carried out at LimakPort, which has the largest "Waste Receiving Facility" in the region, the accident frequency rate has decreased by 38% in the last two years.

Limak Groups of Companies continues its successful activities in energy production, distribution, sales and trade in the energy sector. In the energy production field; with its installed power of 1,220 MWh, Turkey’s first natural gas combined cycle power plant Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant (HEAS), has the capacity to meet the electrical energy of approximately 1.9 million households. Also 63% local employment is provided in HEAŞ. Achieving a 365-day lost time and accident-free day success in 2019, activites have been initiated for the "Zero Waste" project as of 2019. Limak, which has an annual production capacity of 4 billion kWh in hydroelectric power plants, has increased by 46% in electricity generation in the last year. Uncompromising compliance with OHS standards at the power plants has been achieved and a “Zero Accident” success has been achieved in the last two years.

In the field of energy distribution; with its service area covering the south of Marmara Region, Uludağ Electricity Distribution (UEDAŞ) serves sustainable development with its social investments. UEDAŞ, the distribution company that uses social media channels most actively within the scope of customer satisfaction, signed exemplary collaborations with the "Hybrid Ice Load Prevention and Bird Abduction System in Electricity Distribution Lines" and "Submarine Robot" projects. In the field of energy sales and trade; Limak Energy Uludağ Electric, which provides energy sales services to approximately 3 million customers and 5 million people in 4 provinces it serves, has the EFQM 4 Star Competence Certificate. The company, which has signed the most digital transformation projects in its sector, has implemented pioneering projects such as "Flexible Invoice", "Uninterrupted Energy Application" and "Sign Language Call Line".

Limkon, the representative of the group in the food sector, exports to 32 countries with an annual concentrate production of 10,000 tons. Limkon, which adopts a production approach in compliance with high standards, provides services with internationally recognized food safety certificates, while supporting sustainable agriculture with organic agriculture and the "Women Agricultural Workers" project. 

In addition to the high performance of the group companies, the impact investments made by the Limak Foundation make a significant contribution to achieving global targets. Many projects in the field of women’s empowerment, quality education and culture and arts realized by the Limak Foundation are inspiring not only for all stakeholders and for the Turkish business world, but also for the global business world. 

The Limak Group of Companies 2018-2019 Sustainability Report was prepared to meet the content requirements of the "core" option of G4, the current version of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. In addition, the report includes practices related to compliance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UN Global Compact), which Limak Group of Companies signed in 2014. 

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