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International Film Festival kicks off in capital

International Film Festival kicks off in capital

Turkish Daily News / 14.04.2007
The Limak Ankara International Film Festival kicked off on Thursday night at Ankara University’s Farabi Hall. The 18th annual festival has started entertaining Ankara movie buffs with a series of masterpieces by Turkish and international directors. Organized by the World Mass Media Research Foundation, this year’s festival will feature a rich and diverse program showing films by great Italian director Federico Fellini as well as prominent Turkish directors Fatih Akın, Kutluğ Ataman and Yeşim Ustaoğlu. The opening movie was West Bank Story, which is a musical comedy, set in the fast-paced, fast-food world of competing falafel stands in the West Bank, telling the story of an Israeli soldier falling in love with the beautiful Palestinian cashier. It is directed by Ari Sandel and written by Kim Ray. All the film screenings at the festival, which is through April 22, are at Kızılay Büyülüfener Cinema. The festival program offers short amateur films shot by famous directors during their student years. In the World Cinema category, films by world renowned Italian director Federico Fellini will be screened under the title of I remember… while movie enthusiasts will also have the chance to watch South Korean films under the title of New Korean Cinema: Love, Life and Death…

Arte Films Special Screening, From Hell: The World is Fighting, Music Notes on Silver Screen, International Short Film, The Short Knows No Bounds, National Feature Film, are the categories of the festival.There will be panel discussions, as well as awards, which will be given to actress Fatma Girik and author Erhan Bener.Here are the Turkish Daily News’ must sees for this weekend. For further information, Oasis

Director: Chang-dong Lee
Genre: Drama
Eleven award winning films tell a love story. Jong-du, a young man just out of prison for manslaughter, is a social misfit: fidgety, snuffling, laughing inappropriately, without a super ego. When released, he calls on the family of the victim; they send him away, but not before he has seen Gong-ju, a young woman disabled severely by cerebral palsy. Both are abused by their families, and both are used by them as well. Although their relationship begins with Jong-du’s criminal behavior, a friendship develops. They talk of favorite things; he washes her hair; they go out; in late night phone calls, he helps her past her fears of the dark. Running with Scissors

Director: Ryan Murphy 
Genre: Comedy
The story of how a boy was abandoned by his mother and how he, later, abandoned her. The year he’ll be 14, the parents of Augusten Burroughs (1965- ) divorce, and his mother, who thinks of herself as a fine poet on the verge of fame, delivers him to the eccentric household of her psychiatrist, Dr. Finch. During that year, Augusten avoids school, keeps a journal, and practices cosmetology. His mother’s mental illness worsens, he takes an older lover, he finds friendship with Finch’s younger daughter, and he’s the occasional recipient of gifts from an unlikely benefactor.Barda In Bar

Director: Serdar Akar
Genre: Drama 
Violence is everywhere in Turkey as well as the world, in the streets, in the metro and at schools. A group of young of high society friends gather at a bar they frequently visit. One night, while finishing one last beer and about to leave their friend’s bar, they are held captive at gunpoint by five strangers. With their mouths, hands and feet tied, they are beaten and raped until the next morning. The people who captured them have no clear reason. They just want to punish these young people for everything left incomplete in their lives.Sunday: Salinui chueok 

Director: Joon-ho Bong 
Genre: Crime 
In 1986, two female bodies were discovered in the Gyunggi Province. Both had been brutally raped and murdered in similar circumstances. Korean police now faced the first serial killer case in their country. Detective Park Doo-Man is leading the case and with the help of his aggressive partner, they will try to figure out who the potential killers are, but without much success. Their crude measures become more desperate with each new corpse found. Based on a true case. Marie Antoinette2006 
Director: Sofia Coppola
Genre: Biography 

"All eyes will be on you," says the Austrian duchess, Maria Theresa to her youngest daughter Marie Antoinette. The film, marketed for a teen audience, is an impressionistic retelling of Marie Antoinette’s life as a young queen in the opulent and eccentric court at Versailles. The film focuses on Marie Antoinette, as she matures from a teenage bride to a young woman and eventual queen of France. Based on Antonia Fraser’s book about the ill-fated Archduchess of Austria and later Queen of France, Marie Antoinette tells the story of the most misunderstood and abused woman in history. Beed-e majnoon (The Willow Tree)

Director: Majid Majidi 
Genre: Drama 
The film can be described as a companion piece to Majidi’s highly acclaimed Color of Paradise. In the movie, in which a father saw his blind son as a burden and not as a blessing, it is possible to realize the world from the blind boy’s view and in doing so saw a much richer, meaningful world. Here, the characters of the father and the son are embodied in a single person: Yusef who after 38 years of being blind regains his sight. What he sees, however, is quite different to what he "saw" as a blind man, and not necessarily more beautiful or rewarding. Majidi takes the viewer to a higher, more spiritual world and in doing so creates another masterpiece. Parviz Parastoui, one of the best actors in the Iranian cinema and theater, is outstanding as Yusef. Also worth mentioning is Mahmood Kelari’s exceptional photography.