Gali Zakho Tunnel in Northern Iraq was Opened With a Ceremony

Gali Zakho Tunnel in Northern Iraq was Opened With a Ceremony

The Gali Zakho Tunnel in Northern Iraq, which was completed by Limak Construction, was opened with a ceremony. 3,600 meters long tunnel is at a distance of 20 kilometers to the Turkish Habur Border Gate and on the route connecting Duhok to Zakho ,cost $ 141 million.

The construction of the double-lane, double-way highway tunnel  with a total length of 7,200 meters, started on April 15th, 2013. The provisional acceptance of the Gali Zakho Tunnel, which was interrupted for a while opened to vehicle traffic last May.

Mr. Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Limak Holding, said: “When we won this tender, we had a commitment to complete the tunnel in 30 months. And we aim to complete it in 24 months. Unfortunately, we had to suspend works for a while after completing most of the part . But today, we are very happy to have this construction completed.”

Mr. Özdemir said; “We are a company that prides itself on completing all the works we have done before deadline and at the desired quality. If there was another company here, it could have left the construction incomplete. We are not only viewed from the aspect of earning money, but also for prestige purposes.”

Along with  the tunnel, transport and trade between Iraq and Turkey will be much faster, indicated by Mr. Ozdemir, and he said, "The opening of this tunnel will also provide a huge benefit for Turkey that transportation to Northern Iraq and Baghdad will be much more comfortable. Compared to the old road, a 20-25 minute time advantage will be provided and traffic accidents will be greatly reduced.”

Mr. Özdemir mentioned that employment opportunity  provided to approximately 400 people, 300 from Turkey and 100 from Iraq, during the construction. He said, “In the coming period, we expect the trade relations between two countries to be re-established and to be further developed.”