Limak Investment Returns From Capital 500 Organization With a Prize

Limak Investment Returns From Capital 500 Organization With a Prize

Organized for the 17th time by Capital Magazine, "Top 500 Biggest Private Corporations of Turkey" research awarded leading companies with prizes.

Limak Investment was awarded a prize in the category of ‘Companies providing the highest increase in employment rates’ during the award ceremony attended by major companies which have displayed a high performance by providing added value for the sustainable growth of Turkey.

During the organization, the results were announced in relation to the research which objectively examined the private industry in all aspects in Turkey. According to the balance sheet figures as of the year 2013, it was announced that Top 500 Biggest Private Corporations of Turkey in Capital 500 list have a total turnover in amount of 755.340.815.239 TL (755 billion 340 million 815 thousand 239 TL); these corporations contribute to the sustainable and steady growth performance of Turkey, which is reported to be among economies with the fastest growth in the world.

Capital 500 research manifested that the growth rate of the companies has accelerated compared to the previous year, with the nominal rate realized as 14,3% and the real rate as 7,9%. Capital 500 research of the previous year announcing the results of 2012 had shown a nominal growth rate of 9,7% and a real growth rate of 2,6%.