Public Notification

Public Notification

We hereby disclose our statement regarding the allegations in the news published in the press on 07 January 2020 about our Affiliate İskenderun Port that do not reflect the truth to the public.

As Limak, our commitment to make investment in İskenderun Port, where we acquired the 36-year operating right at the end of 2011, is not USD 26 million as claimed in the news. In addition to the payment of the tender price which was USD 372 million, we have a commitment to create a container handling capacity of 400,000 TEU in the Concession Agreement. Therefore, the claim in question is in conflict with the truth. In addition to the payment of USD 372 million, our group rapidly invested USD 243 million in the port in two years, creating an annual container handling capacity of 1,000,000 TEU which is 2.5 times of the committed capacity.

The port which was derelict when we took over has become one of the largest and most modern ports in the Eastern Mediterranean with our comprehensive investments. The docks that were about to collapse were completely demolished and two linear docks of 550 meters and 370 meters long, were built in place of them. The water depth which was 8.5 meters has been increased to 15.50 meters and it obtained deep water port status. Necessary stacking fields have been built for container operations with 442,000 m2 back field cementation. In addition to this, 9 warehouses, 1 load station, 1 cold air transfer tank, 1 maintenance repair building, 1 operation building,1 administrative building, 1 customs services building, 1 maritime police building and storage areas of which total area is 25.000 m2 have been built considering the logistical needs of the region. More than USD 60 million was invested in machinery and equipment alone. In this scope, container dock cranes, container stacking cranes, mobile cranes and many other various cranes and vehicles produced specifically for the port have been added to the port machinery equipment.

In 2019, 380,000 TEU containers were handled thanks to the investments made in Iskenderun Port, where container handling was not possible due to the lack of container handling equipment, the necessary port structure and water depth. More than 460,000 TEU container handling was aimed in 2020 in Iskenderun Port which is working with 38 capacity usage factor currently. Besides, the largest and most modern waste reception facility of the region has been built in İskenderun Port, where we have been awarded with the “Green Port Certificate “thanks to these modern and green investments. In addition to these, thanks to the new capacity, approximately 1000 employment have been created at Iskenderun Port.

Iskenderun Port is one of the ports with the highest investment cost among the ports privatized up until today.

Respectfully announced to the public.