Pont 1915 des Dardanelles et de Malkara - Autoroute des Dardanelles

Le pont suspendu à mi-portée le plus long du monde reliant l’Europe et l’Asie

The project which was commenced in 2017, has been completed in record-breaking time and has opened to traffic on 18th March 2022. Limak Construction, as part of a wider joint venture group, has contributed to the construction of the world’s longest mid-span suspension bridge (2023 m). The six-lane suspension bridge, which also has the tallest towers in the world (334 m), has cut down the crossing time between Asia and Europe to six minutes over the Çanakkale Strait. Additionally, 101 kilometers of motorway is constructed in scope of the Project. Just like all other Limak Construction assignments, this project is ambitious in scale, timeline, and design.

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