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Limak Sustainability Policy

Limak Sustainability Policy

Limak Group of Companies Sustainability Policy

Limak Group of Companies is aware that it is at a time when the whole world needs to work together to ensure the strong continuity of human existence on a sustainable planet with all elements of nature.

Accordingly, it evaluates the business mentality in all its activities in three dimensions, takes decisions in this way and manages the value creation process by paying attention to these dimensions.

Limak Group of Companies Sustainability Policy has been prepared in line with Limak founding values, basic working principles, business ethics understanding and global goals in a manner that it will be the business constitution of the Group.

The Sustainability Policy is addressed in a way that includes the global stakeholders with whom Limak Group of Companies interacts directly or indirectly in the whole value chain and is a guide to be used when carrying out all activities and making decisions.

Focuses on Business Approach

Limak Group of Companies Sustainability Policy is built on three focus areas directly related to each other. Limak Group of Companies believes that sustainable economic development can be possible with an inclusive approach on a healthy planet if the individual has environmental and social awareness. In line with this belief, we have modeled our business focuses, which we have created to cover all our activities, according to the tripartite structure of inclusive development, social people and healthy planet.

Business Approach Focused on Inclusive Development

Limak Group of Companies, together with all its employees, business partners and stakeholders, adopts a sustainable business approach compatible with global goals in every sector in which it operates and believes that economic development should be ensured in a way that includes all elements of the planet as well as all humanity.

Limak Group of Companies;

• It carries out all its activities in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
• It complies with the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact to which it is a signatory. In each sector in which it operates, it allocates resources to research-development activities.
• It enables the use and development of innovative technologies that will contribute to sustainable development. It attaches importance to supporting stakeholder participation in decision-making processes, taking into account the wishes and expectations of stakeholders.
• It tries to make sustainability perspective a corporate culture and raise awareness in this field both in employees and stakeholders.
• It undertakes the duty to transfer its sustainability activities and experience to all its stakeholders and the world with its partnerships and active initiatives on international platforms. 
• It enables all kinds of activities to be carried out in order to ensure sustainability in the supply chain.
• By measuring and evaluating the economic, environmental and social impacts of all activities; it takes improvement actions to reduce the negativities.
• It regularly publishes a sustainability report in line with international standards.
• It has a transparent business approach that complies with basic business ethics and fights corruption.

Business Approach Focuesd on Social People

Limak Group of Companies carries on all its activities and business processes based on the protection of human health, support for social development and equal opportunities. It focuses on the establishment of innovative, reliable and accessible work and living environments to enable sustainable human development. 

The Group believes that sustainability can be achieved through the development of social structures, institutional commitment and continuity of its employees, that the individual should perceive the social structure with all elements and think about its existence together with the health of the social fabric.

Limak Group of Companies;

• It pays attention to ensuring and protecting equal opportunities and social health in all areas and geographies in which it operates, both sectoral and social initiatives, especially in the dissemination of qualified education.
• It considers developing and implementing practices that will improve the field of Occupational Health and Safety as part of its work.
• It creates opportunities to develop social projects and collaborate to contribute to the social and economic development of the community and local stakeholders in their fields of activity and local employment.
• It aims to increase the commitment and well-being of the employees and creates conditions to make the working environment more efficient.
• By preventing any discrimination, it provides equal rights to its employees in matters such as employment, career management, remuneration and performance evaluation.
• Supporting the development of women employment and qualified active participation of women employees, it tries to increase women employment at all levels.
• It actively conducts and supports activities in the direction of the personal development of employees and the development of global citizenship awareness.

Business Approach Focused on Healthy Planet

Limak Group of Companies, together with all its business partners and stakeholders, carries out its activities based on the protection of all elements of the planet and the reduction of environmental impacts.

It accepts carrying out its activities respectfully to the environment as a fundamental value, develops ways of eliminating all possible detrimental elements of its ecological relationship in advance and believes that R&D and P&D investments should be valued for this purpose.

Limak Group of Companies;

• It measures and reports the environmental impact in all areas of activity and takes improvement actions by setting sector-based targets.
• It enables the development and implementation of environmentally friendly products and services.
• It continuously monitors, develops and works to create the necessary infrastructure or renew existing energy efficiency activities in all sectors.
• It strives to increase the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in energy consumption.
• It develops projects that will ensure efficient use of water and raise awareness among all stakeholders by starting from the employees in this regard.
• It calculates, verifies and monitors emissions from its activities to combat climate change.