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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Limkon Fruit Juice Concentrate Facilities

Limkon Fruit Juice Concentrate Facilities was built in Adana Hacı Ömer Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone on a total area of 40 thousand square meters, 13 thousand square meters of which is indoor area, and its official opening ceremony was made on 14 May 2008.

Tomato paste is also produced at the facilities, in addition to fruit juice concentrate and fruit pulp. Limkon’s product portfolio also includes conventional juice concentrates, organic juice concentrates non-concentrated (NFC) juices and freshly squeezed juices and fruit flavored drinks.

As every year, Limkon took first place in citrus fruits processing in Turkey also in 2019. In addition, it has continued to process many other fruits, primarily pomegranate, apple and cherry varieties. It continues to increase organic concentrate production every year, especially in order to be able to meet the organic concentrate demands from abroad. It is expanding its range with organic fruit diversity and increasing the sales figures, in addition to the increase in the organic production quantities. Apple, cherry, pomegranate, black carrot juice concentrates and pulps are some of these products. In addition, the natural fruit flavors and oils obtained in our factory are among the increasing trends in sales. In the factory, every part of the raw material is used and no part including the skin and the pulp goes to the trash.

Exports of concentrated products were realized with a 55 percent share in total sales to 32 countries, and new domestic and foreign companies were added to the customer portfolio. Especially a great success has been achieved in the export to Far East with the increase in the variety of products and the amount of exports. Limkon participated in Cologne Anuga food exhibition, one of the largest food exhibitions in the world, held in 2019 by opening a stand.

The company continues to sell fresh orange juice, NFC (not-from-concentrate) fruit juices and fruit beverage products under the registered trademark “Pomona”. It expands its product range in the ice tea and different fruit / flavored beverages group with new R&D works every year. There are dealers in İstanbul, and dealership works continue throughout the country.

In line with the partnership of ADM Wild in Limkon, an investment of 5 million euro on product line was made in the Adana factory in the first stage. According to the partnership agreement made with the ADM Wild Food Company, which is a world leader in fruit juice, flavor and compound products, the production of the imported compound products is continued within the Limkon organization. In addition to reducing imports in these products and thus contributing in reducing the current deficit, a new market has been created for the concentrated products that are produced. In this way, it is aimed to increase the annual fruit processing capacity to 100 thousand tons in the first stage and then to 120 thousand tons. By combining the experience and success of ADM Wild on compound products with the Pomina brand that Limkon created, it carries out the works of introducing special mixture fruit beverages to Turkish market. 

Limkon, which continues to receive internship applications and share information on fruit juice concentrate production through the site in 2019 as part of its social responsibility project “LimkonYouthZone”, has offered the opportunity to do internships in its factories to more than 30 students in 2019, as it does every year.