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Overseas Projects in Progress

Overseas Projects in Progress

Kuwait International Airport New Terminal Building, Kuwait

The tender for the construction of the Kuwait International Airport New Terminal Building (T2) was announced at the signing ceremony held on 30 May 2016. On August 28, 2016, the construction site was delivered to Limak by the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works (MPW).

The KİA-T2 project is planned to significantly increase current airport capacity and create a new regional center. The new Terminal building shall provide the highest level of comfort for passengers with an area of approximately 750 thousand square meters. The building is located under a single roof with glazed spans that allow the entry of the daylight by breaking the sun rays. The roof extends entirely away from the building, ensuring that the airside connection bridges used by passengers for the transition to the aircraft and entrance plaza are in the shade. The frontispiece of the terminal building is designed in a way which is sand, dust and explosion proof. Reflecting the hospitality culture in the region, the design creates an elegant and unforgettable effect for the passengers with a luggage area surrounded by a refreshing waterfall. The design also has a huge new landside access on the south side. The landscape near the building consists of cactaceaes and desert-specific species, looking like a verdant oasis which takes the desert climate away from the terminal.

The capacity of the airport is planned to reach 25 million passengers per year after the new terminal becomes active. The new terminal building is the main element in the expansion plan of Kuwait International Airport. The terminal building package also includes the construction of a central power building, water tank building, security building, infrastructure tunnel and electrical substations.

The airport, aimed to be the world’s first LEED GOLD building among passenger terminals, shall produce solar energy by combining the thermal properties of concrete construction with solar panels mounted on a large area on the roof.

The airport design consists of three floors and a basement. It is designed as a triangle having each side 1.2 km long. It shall have a passenger entrance door that has a capacity to serve 21 Code F (A380) aircraft and 9 Code C (A320) aircraft. Through the Multiple Aircraft Ramp System (MARS), this order can be rearranged to serve 51 C code aircraft.

The primary structure consists of 90 pieces of precast concrete columns connected by posttensioning precast arches. These are supported by 39,800 composite steel and concrete cassettes that form the inner roof. The building was constructed with galvanized roofing and glass frontispiece, resistant to weather conditions. In addition, it will be resistant to explosions. The project consists of over 1 million cubic meters of concrete and over 150 thousand tons of structural steel. Designed by the award-winning worldwide known architecture company Foster + Partners, New Terminal Building shall make Kuwait International Airport one of the world’s leading airports, as well as being a symbolic entrance gate for the country.

The tender is also qualified as the biggest tender awarded to Turkish contractors abroad in a single package.


 Kuwait International Airport Multi-Storey Car Park Building Project, Kuwait

The contract for the “Multi-Storey Car Park Building, Connection Roads, Bridges and Environmental Landscape Works Construction Project”, which is the second package tender for the construction of Kuwait International Airport, was signed with the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works on 09.07.2020. Package 2: The Multi-Storey Car Park Building Project is located at Kuwait International Airport, 15 kilometers south of Kuwait City. The Package 2 works are located south of the New Terminal 2 building under construction and between the two operational runways.

The escape tunnels, there are 3 rainwater storage tanks with a capacity of approximately 10 thousand cubic meters and a capacity of approximately 6 thousand cubic meters, 1 waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 2x2,500 cubic meters/day and 1 storage building of 4,000 square meters. There are 24 passenger elevators, 24 walking lanes, 48 escalators, 8 freight/trolley elevators and 8 walking lanes on the bridges connecting the car park building to the new terminal building as vertical and horizontal transportation system in 21.366 square meters mechanical area. Multi Storey Car Park Building project has 380 parking spaces reserved for VIPs and senior staff, in addition to the parking capacity for approximately 4,747 cars scattered across three basements and one mezzanine. The project has an approximate residential area of 120,395,833 square meters and the approximate construction area is 325,000 square meters.

In the project, which includes two shelters of 10,397 square meters, each with three, multi-storey roads and bridges for entry and exit to the Terminal 2 building shall be connected to the new road network, which shall be connected to the Magwa road, which shall be made from the Taral of the Ministry of Transport of Kuwait.

Approximately 459 thousand square meters of landscaping is planned within the scope of Kuwait International Airport Package; 2, 174,604 square meters of hard landscape coating and 260,889 square meters of asphalt coating shall be performed.


 Kemerovo International Airport, Domestic Terminal Building, Russian Federation

In May 2020, Limak, together with its partner Marashstroy, won the construction of the new Domestic Terminal Building at Kemerovo International Airport. The 3-storey building, which will be built next to the existing terminal building and has an area of 4,700 square meters, is intended to have a capacity of 460 passengers per hour.

The project is scheduled to be completed by May 2021.


Novy Urengoy International Airport, Russian Federation

The Noviy Urengoy Airport Terminal, which provides transportation to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region, located in the northernmost part of Russia, will be built by Limak.

As part of the reconstruction project of Novy Urengoy Airport, a new passenger terminal with an area of 18 thousand square meters, three telescopic stairs and 12 check-ins will be built. The airport, which has an annual capacity of 1.45 million passengers, will have a hot bus tunnel designed for apron buses that will carry passengers, which is important for harsh weather conditions. A short-term and long-term parking lot with a total capacity of 300 vehicles is planned in the Station Square in front of the new terminal.

In addition to the passenger terminal, the project will include the construction of a 14 MW boiler room that will provide electricity to the terminal.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.


Skopje Multiple-Use Superstructure Project, North Macedonia

Started in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia; the Multiple-Use Project, with a gross area of 323 thousand square meters, is located in the city center between Ulica Aziz Kiril and Method and Ulica Yordan Miyalkov streets. Within the scope of the project, Macedonia Boulevard was arranged as an underpass while shopping malls, multi-storey car parks, hotel, office and residence blocks were designed on the passage.

The location of the project meets the main pedestrian axis passing through the historical city center. It is located on the axis that connects the historical city center with the city’s hospital center and police station.

The hotel project has come to an end and it is planned to start operating in the second quarter of 2020. Shopping malls and office parts are planned to be completed in the last quarter of 2021, the first two residential blocks are planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2022, and the last residential blocks are planned to be completed in the third quarter of 2022.


Communicable Diseases Hospital, Kuwait

The tender of the Communicable Diseases Hospital which was put into operation by the Ministry of Health of Kuwait was won by the partnership of Limak, Özge and BNCC and it includes the
works of design, construction, completion, equipment supply, furnishing and operation maintenance.

The project covers the design, construction, equipment supply, furnishing, testing and commissioning and operational maintenance of the Infectious Diseases Hospital and its facilities, with a total construction area of 75 thousand square meters.

The project also includes stationary and movable furniture, medical and laboratory equipment, soft furnishings, artwork and all supporting works.

All construction works, structural works, electromechanical and building exterior works and necessary temporary works are within the scope of the project.

Construction works are planned to be completed by the end of 2021 due to additional work and extension of the project.


Al- Mutlaa Housing Project, Kuwait

The project consists of the construction and maintenance of public buildings and infrastructure works in the Kuwait Al- Mutlaa District N11 neighborhood center.

Within the scope of the project, there are 28 public buildings such as schools, mosques, supermarket, clinic, police station, social facilities, transformer centers in a closed area of nearly 82 thousand square meters and infrastructure works in an area of approximately 146 thousand square meters.

The agreement of the projects was concluded at the end of July 2019 and the mobilization and construction works started in October 2019 and it is planned to be completed in April 2022.


Headliner Housing Project, Russian Federation

With the agreement signed between the investor Kortros Group and Limak Construction at the end of 2019, the construction of the Headliner Multifunctional Housing Project Phase 1 with 142 thousand square meters of indoor area began. The construction of Phase 1 is planned to be finalized in December 2021.

While the project is one of the major investment projects in Moscow, the contract for Phase 2 with 187 thousand 500 square meters was signed in 2020.

The two-phase project is located in front of Moscow City Business Center, a.k.a. “the Manhattan of Moscow”, and includes 23 blocks, three of which are 53-story and 180-meter high towers.

With the signed Phase 1 and 2, the total contract price has increased to 210 million dollars.


Esplanada Multi-Functional Center Project, Russian Federation

With the agreement signed between Prospect Perm company and Limak-Marashstroy partnership in February 2020, the construction of Stage 1 of the Esplanada Shopping Center with 85 thousand square meters of construction area began.

Within the scope of the project, construction of the shopping center and movie theaters are planned to be completed at the end of 2021.


Arena Omsk Stadium, Russian Federation

Limak signed a contract in May 2020 to build an ice hockey stadium in Omsk, a city with a population of 1.2 million, located in southwestern Siberia. The city’s ice hockey team Avagrard Omsk will use the planned project on an area of 64,266 square meters, with a capacity of 12 thousand seats.

The project, which is planned to host the World Youth Hockey Championship, which will begin in December 2022, is planned


Dnipro Subway Construction, Ukraine

With the project of which the agreement was concluded in July 2016; the construction of the metro line that is approximately 4 kilometers long as well as the design and construction of 3 stations will be realized. Within the scope of the project to be financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD);

• A total of 8 kilometers of double tube tunnels will be constructed, each 4 kilometers long.,
• Connection to the existing metro line and stations will be made.
• Construction, architectural, electrical and mechanical installation works of 3 stations along with passenger entrance structures, ventilation shafts and escalator tunnels,
• The construction of rail and connectors as well as railway superstructure,
• Electrification, signalization and telecommunication systems will be supplied and installed.

The project is planned to be completed at the end of 2024.


Ufa Eastern Exit Highway, Russian Federation

Limak, together with its partner Marashstroy, concluded the agreement of Ufa East Exit Highway Construction on July 27, 2017.

The project, where the build-operate-transfer model will be implemented, is executed under the Concession Agreement between the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Concessionaire Bashkir Concession Company (BCC) on behalf of the Russian Federation. Limak will take an active role in the operation of the highway together with VTB Capital, the Russian company and the concessionary BCC company.

There are tunnel, bridge, viaduct and causeway sections on the route of approximately 12.5 kilometers. The project is anticipated to reach a capacity of 22 thousand 700 vehicles per day.

The project, of which the design and mobilization stages are ongoing, is planned to be completed in September 2023.


Hassanabdal-Havelian Highway (E-35) Sarai Saleh-Simlaila Section, Pakistan

E-35 Hassanabdal - Havelian - Abbotabad - Mansehra Highway is part of the Pakistan National Trade Corridor. The E-35 project becomes necessary due to the high traffic volume and rough road conditions of the existing highway connecting the southern region of Pakistan to China, Afghanistan and other central Asian countries.

The Hasanabdal-Havelian section of the E-35 Highway is divided into three packages and the 17 kilometers Sarai Saleh- Simlaila Section, which is the third package, is under the commitment of Limak-ZKB JV.

Designed as a 6- lane (2 x 3) highway, the project is financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and includes 8 bridges, 47 culverts, 4 overpasses and 7 underpasses. Provisional acceptance of the project has been made, and its physical progress is 99 percent as of December 2020.

The project is planned to be completed in March 2021.


State Highway (N-50) Zhob-Killi Khudae Nazar Section, Pakistan

The Zhob-MughalKot Section, with a total length of 81 kilometers, is part of the West route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The improvement and development of the 49 kilometers long (N-50) Zhob-Killi Khudae Nazar Section of this road is under the commitment of Limak-ZKB JV.

Designed as a 2 lane (2x1) state road, the project is financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project has reached the provisional acceptance stage and its physical progress is 98 percent as of December 2020.

The project is planned to be completed in March 2021.


China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Pindi Gheb-Tarap Section, Pakistan

The West Route of 280-kilometer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is divided into five packages, and the fourth package which is the 50-kilometer Pindi Ghep-Tarap section is under the commitment of Limak-ZKB JV.

Designed as a 4- lane (2 x 2) highway, the project is financed by the Pakistan Government, and includes 4 bridges, 73 culverts, 5 overpasses and 22 underpasses. The physical progress of the package is around 75 percent as of December 2020.

The project is planned to be completed in October 2021.


China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Hakla-Pindi Gheb Section, Pakistan

The West Route of 280-kilometer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is divided into five packages, and the fifth package which is the 63-kilometer Hakla- Pindi Ghep section is under the commitment of Limak-ZKB JV.

Designed as a 4- lane (2 x 2) highway, the project is financed by the Pakistan Government, and includes 6 bridges, 76 culverts, 7 overpasses and 34 underpasses. The physical progress of the package is around 72 percent as of December 2020.

The project is planned to be completed in October 2021.


 Trans-Hindukush Road Connectivity Project (THRCP) Construction of Baghlan to Bamyan (B2B) road, Segment 5 (107+040 – 126+020)

The construction of Segment 5 road which is approximately 20 km long between Baghlan to Bamyan provinces in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was award to Limak in 2019.  The project which is financed by the the World Bank is planned to be completed in the summer of 2022.


 WHSD-Vitebskiy Street Access Road, Russian Federation

Limak Construction, together with the Pusk-Limak-Sever Ltd. Company, which was established in partnership with the VTB Group company Pusk and Aktiv companies, won the tender for the construction of WHSD-Vitebskiy Street Access Road in St. Petersburg in December 2020.

Within the scope of the toll road project connecting the Western High Speed Ring Road (WHSD) and Vitebskiy Street; there are 6 lanes (3+3 dual carriageway), 2,6 km long main connection road, two intersections, 7 connecting branches, 3 bridges, 1 pedestrian overpass and underpass and the renovation of Vitebskiy Street. 

In the project with a design speed of 110 km/h and a capacity of 70 thousand vehicles/day, the total road length is 10,2 km.

The approximate contract value of the project, which is planned to be completed by December 2024, is 330 million dollars.

Jubail-Riyad Water Transmission Line, Saudi Arabia

The project, of which the construction is ongoing under the commitment of Limak Construction, is one of the 5 different packages within the scope of the Jubail-Riyadh Water Transmission line construction and consist of a total of 3 pumping stations; one in Jubail, the other two between Jubail and Riyadh. It also includes 14 steel water tanks; 7 of which are located in Jubail and another 7 are located in Riyadh each of which has a capacity of 170 thousand cubic meters and a total capacity of 2 million 380 thousand cubic meters.

The scope of the project includes construction works, supply and installation of all equipment for pump stations, tank farm, reservoir stations and connection stations and complete hydraulic design, control and communication system, electrical power systems, tests and commissioning of the system for all Jubail-Riyadh Water Transmission System, including the connection line.

The project, which started in September 2018, has achieved a 55 percent progress as of the end of 2020.

The project is planned to be completed at the end of the first quarter of 2022.