Limak Sustainability Policy

Limak Sustainability Policy

Basic Approach

Limak Group of Companies holds a business understanding that assumes sustainability as basis along with its founder values and working principles, within the framework of its vision and mission from the very first day it has started its activities. 

Limak, the establishment year of which is 1976, corresponding with the date of the Habitat I Conference when the sustainability understanding was handled seriously for the first time at world-scale, has prioritized commitment to universal sustainability principles throughout its organic development history, both in selecting its fields of activity and its style of conducting business in these fields.

Focused Sustainability Model

The sustainability policy of Limak is also handled in such a way that it represents all of its essential understandings that are applicable for all sectors where it operates. Accordingly, our business understanding that is applicable in all our activities has been modeled as follows in compliance with the global objectives of our day.

- Sustainable Development Focused Business Understanding
- Human Development Focused Business Understanding
- Expanded Welfare Focused Business Understanding
- Planet Focused Business Understanding
- Equitable and Participative Business Understanding

Limak has correlated its founder values and operating principles with this sustainability based business understanding, and has ensured the concretization of its objectives in all of its fields of activity and business processes.

Sustainability Leadership

Limak believes that sustainable development and growth can only be possible with the active participation of all stakeholders.

Therefore, Limak assumes that it is its duty to take an active part in the expansion of a sustainability understanding compatible with global objectives, starting from its business partners and all stakeholders.

While it takes the preservation of Limak values and principles as basis in all collaborations, it also prioritizes the expansion of the UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, it assumes a pioneer role at global scale, and supports the Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator Project in collaboration with the T.R. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UNDP.