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TEA Limak Energy Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

TEA Limak Energy Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

Energy Academy of Turkey (TEA) launched in 2017 by Limak Energy have been redesigned considering sectoral developments in the new era, current technologies, innovative business models and digital conversion approaches and “TEA Limak Energy Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program” was launched in 2018.

During this program which is the most comprehensive entrepreneurship acceleration program focusing on the energy sector in Turkey as well as a transformation project for Limak Energy to sustain its leadership in the innovation-driven areas, candidates and entrepreneurs are provided with comprehensive support to develop innovative business ideas, business models or technologies and to successfully implement their projects.

100 energy entrepreneurs applied

In the first year of the program; a call was made for those with innovative business ideas and solutions for power generation, operation of power plants, electricity distribution, sales and commerce, smart grids, electricity storage, recovery and recycling, energy efficiency and renewable energy fields, big data that can be used in the energy industry, artificial intelligence, blockchain, entrepreneurs, early startups and companies with cyber security, software and solutions  and 100 energy entrepreneurs applied for the call.

10 of the 31 entrepreneurs that submitted their projects after the preliminary evaluation and pitching were included in the program. For 10 entrepreneurs selected from different cities of Turkey an assessment of the current situation and needs analysis was realized, special hands-on training and mentoring programs was created according to the needs of the teams.

During the acceleration camps and mentoring process launched in April 2019 while entrepreneurs received 75 hours of practical training, 120 hours of mentoring session was held. Each entrepreneur was paired with Limak Energy executives and continued with mentoring sessions on the basis of sectoral and business functions, while business development mentoring and vertical mentoring support were also provided throughout the program.

Among the initiatives included in the program, Bren, Blink and Demircioğlu realized their pilot schemes in Limak Energy fields, while Loggma had the opportunity to cooperate in Limak Energy’s Solar Power Plant projects.

TEA Limak Energy Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program Demo Day event was held on December 17, 2019 with presentations of 10 successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present and introduce their projects to investors, professionals and other participants in the ecosystem.