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Social Investments
Limak Foundation
Engineer Girls of Turkey

Engineer Girls of Turkey

Engineer Girls of Turkey (EGT) Project was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey and Ministry of National Education in order to contribute to the economic and social empowerment of our country by ensuring that women take part in engineering more in the fellowship. Within the scope of the project, which is designed with a  holistic approach, the practice of “Equality Seal Programme” aiming to introduce a comprehensive model in corporate life, was initiated for the first time in Turkey at Limak Investment in 2019  as a 3rd group activity field, in addition to the programs conducted for high school and university students.

Within the scope of the project namely “Women’s Empowerment and Promoting Social Cohesion” carried out by EGT, GAP Administration and UNDP, volunteering activities were implemented by providing trainings to the children, youth and women in the fields such as the use of computer programs, English grammar, effective presentation techniques and digital marketing  in the Multipurpose Community Centers (ÇATOM) and Child Development Center (ÇGM) in Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep in July 2019.
EGT- University Program

- 120 studentsat different stages of their education
- 27 provinces and 36 universities
- 6 branches of engineering Computer, Environment, Electric-Electronic, Industrial, Civil, Mechanical
- 66 graduates in 4 years 
- Internship support to 90 students


- Education scholarship throughout university education,
- Internship opportunity in Limak Group and different organizations in the sector,
- Mentoring and coaching support through our volunteer female engineers,
- Opportunity to participate in “Leadership in Engineering Certificate Program” developed with PERYÖN Academy in order to provide competencies in communication, team work, creativity, relationship management, decision making, named as the 21st century skills.
- Certified online English language education,
- Within the framework of needs, there are employment opportunities in Limak Group and different organizations in the sector.

EGT- High School Program

Within the scope of the project’s High School Program, students studying in high schools are informed about the engineering profession with different activities. In this way, it is aimed to make them familiar with engineering and have them prefer engineering more as an option in the profession choice. Education and awareness activities are carried out to make female students aware of the future opportunities they will get in case they know and choose the engineering profession. Pilot schemes have been initiated in Hatay in 2016 and schemes have been implemented in 50 high schools affiliated with the General Directorate of Secondary Education in 10 provinces namely Ankara, Antalya, Artvin, Çanakkale, Elazığ, Hatay, İstanbul, Kırklareli, Muğla and Siirt in 2018. With the student, teacher and parent training programs, it was aimed to raise awareness on gender equality, gender roles in career choice and engineering profession.

In 2019, implementation was initiated in cooperation with the Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV) in 25 high schools covering 10 provinces including Adana, Isparta, Diyarbakır, İzmir, Aydın, Bitlis, Ankara, Samsun, Balıkesir and İstanbul. Within the scope of the “Trainer Trainings” meetings, seminars and implementations were organized for the participant teachers in the field of vocational guidance and career development for 4 days. Teachers also became aware of future opportunities that students would gain if they choose the engineering profession through activities that promote the engineering profession.


- TurkishWIN Young Women Career Summit 15-16 March 2019
- Tekyaz Solidworks Training 9-13 September 2019