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Junior Engineers of Home

Junior Engineers of Home

The “Junior Engineers of Home” project was launched in order to make engineering liked by the preschool children and to tell families and preschool children that engineering exists in all areas of life with specially designed games. 

In 2018, the project of which the pilot scheme was realized in Gaziantep, trainer training seminars, classroom practices and parent information meetings were held. After the trainings and awareness activities implemented in preschools, the projects completed by the children and their families with reference to the book “Junior Engineers of Home” were exhibited in the preschools with the “Engineering Days Exhibition”.

In 2019, following the “Trainers Training Seminars” held at the Presidential Nursery and Day Care Center, the project implementation was completed with the “Engineering Days Exhibition”. While awareness activities were carried out by delivering the book “Junior Engineers of Home” to schools providing preschool education across Turkey, competitions and events were organized in order to increase the interaction between children and parents.

With the activities carried out within the scope of the project, 100 preschool teachers, 15,000 children (4-6 age group) and 7,500 parents were included in the awareness efforts related to the engineering profession.