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Junior Engineers of Home

Junior Engineers of Home

We initiated the “Junior Engineers of Home” project in order to be able to popularize engineering for pre-school children, and explain that engineering exists in all areas of life to the families and pre-school children by specially designed games.

Family meetings, teacher training seminars, classroom applications and parent information meetings were organized in the project, the pilot implementation of which was made in Gaziantep in 2018. The events were completed by the “Engineering Days Fair” that was organized at Gaziantep Nazire Eruslu Playschool with the participation of Limak Foundation Board of Directors’ Chairperson Ebru Özdemir and Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, on April 20, 2018. Awareness training on the engineering profession was given to 20 playschool teachers, 1,500 playschool students and 3,000 parents within the scope of the project.

The project implementation was completed with the “Engineering Days Fair” that was also organized following the “Educator Training” carried out the Presidential Nursery and Day Care Center at the end of 2018. The fashion show where each child represented a profession spiced up the fair, where the engineering products that the students designed with their families were displayed.