Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel

Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel

Termal / Yalova

Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel, with its personnel feeling the pride end enthusiasm of the heritage taken over together with its historical and architectural values since 2010 when it has been taken into service, has reached an overnight stay rate over 22 thousand in 2018 and has continued to host its domestic and international gusts in the best way.

The ratio of the reservations directly received has exceeded 50 percent of the total reservations in 2018. The hotel evaluates the means offered by technology in the best way, and pioneers in offering the best services to its guests thanks to the new applications it develops with unique ideas.

The facility, which has been awarded by many domestic and foreign organizations with the positive comments of its guests, will maintain this line also in 2019 and endeavor to achieve its objectives by increasing guest satisfaction even further.