Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel

Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel

Termal / Yalova

Since Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel came into service in 2010, it has continued to accommodate the domestic and foreign guests in the best way by hosting over 22 thousand people in 2019 with its staff who feel the pride and excitement of the heritage taken over with the historical and architectural values.

The ratio of direct bookings to total reservations we received in 2019 exceeded 50 percent. It pioneers in providing the best service to its guests through new practices developed with original ideas and by benefiting from the opportunities of the technology in the best way.

With the positive comments of our guests, it was deemed worthy of many awards in 2019 by various national and international organizations. It will maintain the same attitude in 2020 and will make every effort to reach its goals by increasing guest satisfaction.